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PowerPod PowerStroke Upgrade

Before we jump into the PowerPod PowerStroke upgrade, lets quickly review the PowerPod. Made by Velocomp, the PowerPod is not only the cheapest power meter you can buy (retails for $299), but it’s a pretty darn good one too. Unlike the direct force power meters you might be used to seeing and/or using – such as crank, pedal or hub-based power meters, the PowerPod attaches to your handlebars and measures your power through wind measurement.

PowerPod PowerStroke banner image


PowerPod PowerStroke Upgrade

Precise power measurement through wind analysis isn’t an easy feat. But after more than 10 years in development, the folks at Velocomp have succeed. An independent test comparing the PowerPod to an SRM power meter showed the PowerPod to have an accuracy of within +/- 3% of the SRM. Not too bad. In addition, the benefits to the PowerPod are numerous. It’s not only cheaper, it is easier to set up, easier to use, easier to move between bikes and lighter.


But the benefits don’t stop there…

When you purchase the PowerPod, you get access to PowerPod’s free Isaac software. Isaac software, available for both Mac and PC, is loaded with functionality. It provides you with detailed information about your ride including things like aerodynamic drag (CdA), rolling resistance and more.

If you really want to get the most out of your PowerPod, Velocomp offers the PowerPod with PowerStroke, an upgraded software package for $99. Many of you are probably familiar with left/right power analysis. This is a feature that lets you see how much power is being generated from each leg. Well, PowerStroke takes this analysis even further.PowerPod PowerStroke Upgrade

PowerStroke allows you to analyze your entire pedal stroke in great detail. Specifically, PowerStroke can analyze which areas of the pedal stroke your power comes from. In addition, it can provide measurement of front-to-back, side-to-side, and left/right wobble motion of the bicycle. It can also determine things such as Wasted Watts, Wasted Motion, and Wasted Time caused by wobbling. PowerStroke records data at 16 times per second and at each 10 degrees of a pedal stroke. With this data, you can experiment with changes to your pedal motion, bike position and bike fit, in order to improve your riding efficiency, speed and power. The PowerPod with PowerStroke is a tremendous amount of power meter for the money. We highly recommend it!

Josh Matthew

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