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Gravel Bicycle Cranksets

We carry Gravel Bicycle Cranksets from SRAM, Shimano, ROTOR and Praxis. These cranks feature either aluminum or carbon construction (based on the model) and can be run with or without a power meter. Additionally, these cranksets have chainrings designed for off-road adventures and chainlines that are designed for wider tires.

Additional Gravel Bicycle Crankset Info:


We currently carry the Shimano GRX RX820 and RX810 1x and 2x Cranksets. The GRX crankset is intended for gravel riding and is compatible with Shimano 24 mm bottom brackets. Shimano GRX cranksets shift and perform wonderfully. They also provide ideal gearing for gravel riding.


Quarq/SRAM gravel bike cranks use SRAM’s 8-bolt interface and most can be upgraded to use a power meter. These cranksets use SRAM’s DUB Wide spindle which allows for larger tire clearance. Available in both 1x and 2x options, SRAM gravel cranksets can provide options for a simplified drivetrain or maximized gear ratios.


ROTOR offers modular cranksets that can be built to match a bike’s intended usage and frame dimensions. These cranksets are available with Standard and Offset axles. The Offset axle is specific for bikes using wide gravel chainlines like Shimano GRX. Carbon and aluminum crank arms are available along with both 1x and 2x chainring options, making ROTOR cranksets very customizable.


Praxis gravel cranksets are available in both carbon and aluminum. They are designed specifically for wide gravel chainlines like Shimano GRX and SRAM Wide. Praxis cranks use a 3-bolt direct mount interface and are optimized for 2x chainrings. They are compatible with Praxis M30 (30 mm/28 mm) and M30 THRU bottom brackets and come with a 2-year warranty.

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