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Sigeyi AXO Power Meters

Sigeyi makes a spider-based power meter for road and MTB bikes, called the AXO. The AXO power meter bolts directly onto your existing crankset, which allows you to keep your current cranks and bottom bracket. In addition, they measure power from both legs, are accurate to within +/- 1.0%, feature left/right balance, Bluetooth SMART and auto-zero, among other features. Sigeyi makes models for many different cranksets, including SRAM, Praxis, Cannondale, ROTOR, Easton, Race Face, Shimano, Cane Creek and more.

Additional Sigeyi Power Meter Info:


If you purchase a Sigeyi AXO spider, installation requires that you remove your current crankset, replace your spider with the Sigeyi and reinstall your crankset. For certain cranks, a Sigeyi Lock Ring Tool is necessary to remove the spider. If you purchase a complete crankset, you simply remove your current crank and install the new one.


Sigeyi AXO power meters are very lightweight and weigh around 83-105 grams depending on the version. This is approximately 25% lighter than other spider-based power meters.

Power Measurement

These power meters measure power at the spider. Therefore, they are able to measure power from both legs. In addition, they feature left/right power balance. With this feature, the power meter can tell you how much power is being generated by each leg.

Special Features

What separates the Sigeyi power meter from other spider-based power meters is the price. At $380, these are very affordable power meters, especially considering they measure power from both legs and allow you to keep your current crankset.


The AXO power meters use a rechargeable battery and get 300 hours of battery life, which is very good for a rechargeable battery.

Communication Protocol

These power meters have both ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART. Therefore, they can be used with any bicycle computer, smart phone or tablet. You can also use them with indoor training apps.


Sigeyi AXO power meters are accurate to within +/- 1.0%. This is considered very accurate for a power meter.

Cadence Detection

Like most power meters, these power meters use an accelerometer to measure cadence.


The Sigeyi AXO power meter comes with a two-year warranty. The warranty covers the product from defects in material and workmanship.

Please see our Sigeyi FAQ for more information on Sigeyi power meters and accessories.

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