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Factory Install Power Meter Options

We offer factory install power meter options through 4iiii and Stages Cycling. With a factory install power meter, you ship off your current crank arm or crankset and the power meter sensor is installed on it. Once completed, the power meter is shipped directly back to you. This adds an additional step and takes longer as you have to send your crank in to have the power sensor fitted, however, it’s often more affordable than buying a ride-ready unit. In addition, the factory install options cover a wider range of crank models then do ride-ready power meters.

Additional Factory Install Power Meter Info:

How it works

Once you order a factory install power meter with us, you will receive a pre-paid shipping label, along with some simple instructions. You then package up your crank and ship it off to the factory. Your power meter is built up using the same process the manufacturers use for their ride-ready units. When completed, it is shipped directly back to you. For Stages, the entire process usually takes about 7-14 days. Since 4iiii is located in Canada, the process usually takes 3-4 weeks (sometimes less) as your order has to travel internationally, but we use fast shipping for this.


We offer a wide range of 4iiii factory install options for road, gravel and MTB cranks, including left, right and dual-sided power meter options.

  • Sensor used: PRECISION 2 and 3 (left side options get the PRECISION 3 sensor while right side and dual sided get the PRECISION 2)
  • Bikes: Road, Gravel and MTB
  • Power options: Left, right and dual
  • Models available: Shimano, SRAM, Campy, Cannondale, Praxis and FSA
  • Prices: Left: $324.99 | Right: $299.99 | Dual: $499.99

Stages Cycling

We offer Stages factory install power meters for their new Gen. 3 sensor. Stages doesn’t cover as many different brands as 4iiii, however in terms of Shimano, they cover more models. Prices for the left side units are the same as 4iiii, however you pay a bit more for right and dual-sided options.

  • Sensor used: Generation 3
  • Bikes: Road, Gravel and MTB
  • Power options: Left, right and dual
  • Models available: Shimano and Cannondale
  • Prices: Left: $324.99 | Right: $349.99 | Dual: $524.99
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