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Chainring Bolts

At Power Meter City, we proudly offer an extensive selection of chainring bolts tailored to a variety of cycling disciplines, including road, mountain biking, gravel, and track. Additionally, we provide specialized threaded bolts for unique applications.

Are Bike Chainring Bolts Universal?

While they might seem similar, chainring bolts are not entirely universal. They come in different sizes and designs, varying in length, diameter, and even threading, depending on the chainring and crankset type. For instance, double and triple chainring setups might require different bolt lengths. To ensure optimal performance and avoid potential damage, always consult the specifications of the manufacturer or contact us – we’re happy to assist in finding the proper bolts!

Additional Chainring Bolts Info:

Road 2x

The Praxis Works Road – These, along with the ROTOR bolts below, are our go-to 2x road chainring bolts. Made from 7075-T6 aluminum, they are strong and durable.

ROTOR Road – Another very popular 2x road bolt. Also made from 7075 T6 aluminum, they are lightweight and strong. These bolts use a flat slotted-style nut which improves clearance between the chainrings and frame. However, they require a chainring nut wrench for installation.

Carbon-Ti – These bolts are made for Carbon-Ti rings. They are made from 7075-T6 aluminum and feature a lowered profile.

Shimano FC-M970 – These threaded bolts are made specifically for Shimano road cranksets. They also fit the inner ring of XTR M980/970 cranksets.

Road 1x

Wolf Tooth Components 1x – 1X road cranks require a shorter chainring bolt and these Wolf Tooth bolts are specifically manufactured for 1x 110 BCD and 130 BCD chainrings.

MTB 1x

Wolf Tooth Components 1x – We use these bolts on 90% of our MTB 1x cranksets. They are 6 mm long, which makes them the perfect length. They are made from 7075-T6 aluminum for strength and durability and weigh only 8 grams per set.

ROTOR MTB XC2 – The ROTOR XC2 bolts are slightly shorter than the WT bolts above. Therefore, if you are looking for a bolt with a very low profile, this is the ticket. Like the ROTOR road bolts, they use a flat slotted-style nut and require a chainring nut wrench for installation.


ROTOR Track – The ROTOR Track Chainring Bolts are made specifically for tack chainrings. The bolts and nuts are made of steel to ensure maximum stiffness and durability for the track where it’s needed.


Wolf Tooth Components 1x 10 MM – Some applications, such as small 104 BCD 30 or 32T MTB chainrings, or some of our power2max gravel chainrings, require the use of a 1-piece threaded bolt. These 10 mm bolts work nicely and weigh only 8 grams per set.

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