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Road Bicycle Pedals

We carry Road Bicycle Pedals from Shimano and LOOK. These pedals use 3-bolt road cleats (included with the pedal). Shimano pedals come with a set of 6 degree float cleats, whereas LOOK pedals come with a set of 4.5 degree cleats. Please note – while the cleat shape is similar, you cannot use Shimano cleats with a LOOK pedal, and vice-versa.

Additional Road Bicycle Pedal Info:


For Shimano, we carry a range of pedals from the high-end DURA-ACE PD-R9100 to the more budget friendly PD-R500 pedals. Based on the model, these road pedals have features like a lightweight carbon-composite body, extra-wide platform, stainless steel body plate and wide bearing placement. Shimano makes some of the most widely used bicycle pedals.

These Shimano road pedals include a set of 6-degree float SPD-SL cleats (yellow). However, 2 degree cleats (blue) or 0 degree cleats (red) can be purchased separately.


LOOK offers a wide range of road pedals. Their high-end pedals feature things like carbon pedal bodies, titanium spindles and ceramic bearings. They also offer more moderately priced pedals that substitute some of these materials for composite and stainless steel.

LOOK pedals come with a set of KEO 4.5 degree cleats (grey). You can purchase 9 degree (red) or 0 degree (black) cleats separately. LOOK also offers a grip version of its cleats. The grip cleats have a non-slip surface, and therefore, walking is easier and safer.

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