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Power Meter Pedals for Road

Power Meter Pedals for Road Overview

This page contains our power meter pedals for road bikes. Power meter pedals are one of our most popular power meters. They are accurate, easy to install and move between bikes. In addition, you can use them on any bike. With most of these pedals, you have your choice of single- or dual-sided versions. Single-sided pedals have a sensor in one pedal (usually the left) and measure power from one leg. Dual-sided pedals have a sensor in both the left and right pedal and measure a rider’s total power. These dual-sided versions cost a bit more, but are usually more accurate due to the fact they measure both legs.

Additional Information:


We carry power meter pedals from Favero Electronics, Garmin, PowerTap and SRM/LOOK. All of these companies have been making power meter pedals for a number of years and typically release new versions every 2 to 3 years.


As mentioned above, you have the choice of a single-sided pedal that measures power from one leg, or a dual-sided pedal that measures power from both legs. Dual-sided pedals are usually more accurate. In addition, they are also able to measure independent left/right leg power. Please note, PowerTap only offers a dual-sided pedal.

Important Notes

These pedal-based power meters all come with their own, LOOK Keo style cleats that you must use with the pedal. Original LOOK Keo cleats can also be used, with the exception of the PowerTap. The PowerTap P2s require that you use their own cleats only. Please also note, none of these pedals are compatible with Speedplay cleats.

Quick Product Comparison:


The Favero Assioma is the most affordable power meter pedal. You can buy the UNO (single sided) for $459. This is followed by the PowerTap 2, Garmin Vector 3 and then SRM/LOOK EXAKT.


The Favero Assioma, PowerTap 2 and Garmin Vector 3 all install just like a normal pedal. The installation process is very simple and only takes a minute. This also means you can move them from bike to bike easily.

The SRM/LOOK EXAKT is a bit more work to get installed and configured correctly. It requires that you use a special tool (supplied) and the app to manually set the installation angles. However even with this pedal, installation can usually be done in about 5 minutes or less.

Power Measurement

The single sided version of these road power meter pedals measure power from one leg. The dual sided versions measure both legs. The dual sided versions are also able to measure independent left/right power.

ANT+/Bluetooth SMART

All of these power meter road pedals are dual ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART compatible. Therefore, you can used them with any bike computer, smart phone or indoor training app such as Zwift.


The Favero Assioma and SRM/LOOK EXAKT use a rechargeable battery. The PowerTap P2 uses a AAA battery. The Garmin Vector 3 uses a coin cell LR44/SR44 battery.


The Assioma is the lightest power meter pedal at 149.5 grams per pedal. The SRM/LOOK EXAKT is 155 grams, the Garmin Vector 3 is 158 grams and the PowerTap P2 is 199 grams.

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