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Cycling Heart Rate Monitors

Cycling heart rate monitors are popular training aids. They are affordable, easy to use and can provide valuable information when it comes to training and tracking your fitness. In addition, if you already train with a power meter, a heart rate monitor can tell you a lot about your performance and how your body performs under different conditions.

Additional Cycling Heart Rate Monitors Info:

We carry a wide range of cycling heart rate monitors. This includes versions from 4iiii, Garmin, Stages, SRM and Wahoo. Here are some key takeaways:

4iiii Viiiiva

This is one of our best sellers. In addition to being accurate, it supports Bluetooth and can also collect ANT+ data and transfer it via Bluetooth to your smart phone or tablet.


Garmin offers several popular heart rate monitors. The HRM-Dual is our best seller. It’s accurate, comfortable and offers up to 3.5 years of run time on a single battery. The HRM-Pro offers additional features such as running dynamics, running pace and distance, improved water resistance and more. Lastly, the HRM-Pro Plus also features a tool-free battery door.

The Garmin HRM-Fit is designed specifically for women. It is designed to clip onto medium and high-support sports bras for more precise heart rate data and additional comfort.

Stages Heart Rate Monitor

This is one of our most affordable HRMs. But don’t be fooled by the price. It’s comfortable, supports ANT+ and BLE and gets over 900 hours of battery life.

SRM Heart Rate Monitor

The SRM only supports ANT+ connectivity, but it works well, is affordable at $69 and is a nice complement to any SRM power meter.


Wahoo offers the TICKR and TRACKR heart rate monitors. Both are lightweight, slim and accurately track heart rate and calorie burn and with dual ANT+ and Bluetooth. The main difference is that the TICKR uses a coin cell battery while the TRACKR is rechargeable.

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