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Crankset Power Meters for Road

Crankset Power Meters for Road Overview

This page contains our crankset power meters for road bikes. With a crankset power meter, you replace your existing crankset with a new, power equipped crank. While they can cost a bit more than other types of power meters, crankset-based power meters are perhaps the most highly regarded. They are proven, reliable and accurate. Pros often rely on crank-based power meters for a reason!

You can find a crank power meter to fit just about any bike. In addition, you don’t have to make any compromises to your component selection. For example, you don’t have to use different pedals (as with a pedal-based power meter) or a different hub (as with a hub-based power meter).

Additional Information:

We carry crankset power meters from SRM, power2max, ROTOR, FSA, Quarq, 4iiii, Stages, Pioneer and Verve.

There are several different crankset road power meters to choose from based on your budget, bike, and what features you are interested in (independent left/right power, Bluetooth SMART, etc.). Please note that some of these cranks include chainrings and some do not.

Quick Product Comparison:

Prices range from around $600-700 to over $2,000. power2max cranksets offer a pretty amazing value with several models below $900. Right around the $1,000 mark you have options from 4iiii, Stages, Pioneer and ROTOR – all very popular, highly-regarded cranksets.

Crankset-based power meters take more time to install than other power meter types. This is because you must remove your current crankset from your frame and install the new one. Installation typically takes around 30-60 minutes.

Power Measurement
All of these crankset power meters measure power from both legs (with the exception of the ROTOR INpower which measures left leg power only). Some units such as the 4iiii, Stages, ROTOR, Pioneer and Verve are also able to measure independent left and right leg power. They do this by using two different power sensors on both sides of the crank.

power2max and FSA have the ability to provide estimated left/right power balance through a firmware upgrade. This is similar to, but not quite as precise, as independent left/right power measurement.

ANT+/Bluetooth SMART
All of these power meters, with the exception of the SRM and Verve, use dual ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART. SRM and Verve power meters are compatible with ANT+ devices only.

Some of these crankset power meters use replaceable coin cell batteries while others use rechargeable batteries. The exact battery type for each power meter is listed on the product page, along with the average run time. Coin cell batteries last longer but rechargeable batteries eliminate the need of having buy and replace batteries.

Crankset power meters add anywhere from 50-250 grams to the weight of the crankset, based on the version.

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