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Favero Power Meters

Favero has been making power meter pedals since 2015 and they are some of our best-selling power meters. Favero power meters have an outstanding reputation for high levels of accuracy and reliability.

For road bikes, they make the Assioma DUO and UNO which use LOOK KEO cleats. The DUO has a power sensor in each pedal and measures left and right leg power. The UNO has a sensor in only the left pedal and measures left leg power. Favero also offers the DUO-Shi power meter spindles for SPD-SL cleats. With the DUO-Shi, you insert the spindles into your existing Shimano pedal bodies. The DUO-Shi only comes in a dual-sided version.

Favero also makes the Assioma PRO MX-2 and MX-1 for MTB and gravel riders. These pedals are compatible with Shimano SPD cleats and are available in dual (MX-2) and single-sided (MX-1) versions. They are accurate, lightweight and built to withstand the toughest conditions.

Additional Favero Power Meter Info:


The Assioma DUO, UNO, MX-1 and MX-2 are a breeze to install. Simply grab an 8 mm hex wrench and screw them on – just like a normal pedal. The DUO-Shi takes a bit more work as you need to first install the spindles into your Shimano pedal bodies, but it is a relatively simple process. These power meters can also be moved between bikes quickly and easily.

Before the first ride, Favero power meters do have some one-time set-up steps such as registering them with the app and taking a quick ride to set the installation angles. It’s easy stuff and is outlined in the manual so be sure to give it a quick read.


Favero power meters are some of the lightest power meter pedals available. The DUO and the UNO weigh in at 149.5 grams per pedal. The MX pedals weigh only 191.4 grams per pedal. The DUO-Shi weighs 157 grams in a Shimano PD-R8000 pedal body. This is only slightly heavier than a standard road pedal.

Power Measurement

The Assioma DUO, DUO-Shi and PRO MX-2 measure power from both legs as well as left vs. right leg power. This means the power meter pedals can tell you how much power each leg is producing individually. The Assioma UNO and PRO MX-1 measures left leg power and like all left-side power meters, they double the left leg value in order to approximate your total power.

Special Features

The Favero power meters are the only ones with IAV (Instantaneous Angular Velocity) Power. This special software and integrated three-axis gyroscope results in accuracy of +/- 1.0%. In addition, IAV allows you to use the pedals with oval chainrings without any impact to the accuracy of your data.


Favero power meters use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Battery life is between 50 and 60 hours, which is good for this type of battery.

Communication Protocol

Favero power meters transmit data via both the ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART wireless protocols. Therefore, they are compatible with just about any bike computer. You can also use a smartphone or tablet as your head unit.


Featuring IAV Power Technology, Favero power meters are accurate to within +/- 1.0%. This is on par (to slightly better) than the majority of other power meters on the market.

Cadence Detection

Like most power meters, these power meters use an accelerometer to measure cadence. This means you don’t have to worry about attaching a magnet to your frame.


Favero power meters come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Please see our Favero FAQ for more information on Favero power meters and accessories.

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