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ROTOR Power Meters

ROTOR is best known for its modular cranksets and power meters that allow riders maximum customization. Their latest power meter is the 2INpower SL, which is a dual-sided road power meter. They offer a similar version for mountain bikes. They also have the INpower which is a single-sided power meter that measures power from the non-drive side crank arm. ROTOR also makes the INspider which is a spider-based power meter for road and MTB. It is compatible with current generation ROTOR cranksets as well as Shimano MTB cranksets. ROTOR power meters are accurate, customizable and dependable. All units feature dual ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART and come with a 2-year warranty.

Additional ROTOR Power Meters Info:


Cranksets: Installation is pretty straightforward assuming you have ensured compatibility with your current bike frame. These power meters use 30 mm spindles which makes them compatible with almost all frames on the market, except for frames that use BB90 bottom brackets.

INspider: Set-up involves removing the current spider or chainring and installing the new power meter spider in its place, and bolting on a new chainring. The road INspider is compatible with almost all frames on the market, except some using T47 bottom brackets. The MTB INspider claims to be compatible with every frame on the market.

For both power meter types, plan on 30-60 minutes for installation.


Cranksets: ROTOR power meter cranks weigh around 500-750 grams depending on the model.

INspider: With the road INspider, you are looking at about 150 grams of weight. The MTB INspider weights about 100 grams.

Power Measurement

Cranksets: The 2INpower SL and 2INpower MTB measure power from both legs. They are also able to provide independent left/right power. The INpower cranks measure left leg power only and, like other left side power meters, double the value to determine total power.

INspider: This power meter is a spider-based power meter which measure power from both legs. It is also able to estimate left and right leg power balance.

Special Features

ROTOR manufactures 110 BCD 5-bolt, 110 BCD 4-bolt and direct mount chainrings. Direct mount chainrings mount directly onto the spindle and are made from a single piece of aluminum. This makes them both stiffer and lighter than traditional chainrings. If you like to run an oval ring, ROTOR has you covered there too. ROTOR oval chainrings can be put in multiple positions in order to maximize pedaling efficiency.


Both versions of the 2INpower SL and INspider for road and mountain bikes feature rechargeable batteries with approximately 200-250 hours of battery life. The INpower uses AA batteries with approximately 300 hours of battery life.

Communication Protocol

The ROTOR power meters transmit data via both ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART. This means you can use them with any bicycle computer, smart phone or tablet. You can also pair them easily with indoor training apps such as Zwift.


ROTOR power meters are accurate to within +/- 1.5%. This is on par (to slightly better) than the majority of other power meters on the market.

Cadence Detection

Like the vast majority of power meters on the market, these power meters use an accelerometer to measure cadence.


ROTOR power meters come with a full two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Please see our ROTOR FAQ for more information on ROTOR power meters and accessories.

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