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Bicycle Pedals and Cleats

We carry bicycle pedals and cleats for road, mountain, gravel and CX riding. This includes options from Shimano, LOOK and Race Face. Made from a variety of materials from steel to carbon, we have options for every rider!

Additional Info:

Mountain bike pedals are available in flat and clipless cleat options. Many flat pedals use pins to help secure the riders foot for extra grip when riding. Clipless pedals can provide additional power transfer as the rider is clipped into the pedal using a cleat attached to the rider’s shoe. Clipless MTB pedals are available with a platform for additional support, or without a platform for maximum weight savings.

Road bike pedals and cleats are almost exclusively clipless. Attaching to a cleat on the rider’s shoe, this improves power transfer and can allow the rider to “pull” through the pedal stoke. This helps road riders maximize the power in each pedal stroke.

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