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XCADEY makes a spider-based power meter called the XPOWER-S for road, gravel, track and mountain bikes. We carry the second generation of this power meter which has been updated to be lighter and more accurate. The XCADEY power meter bolts directly onto your existing crankset which allows you to keep your current cranks and bottom bracket. In addition, this power meter measures power from both legs, is +/- 1.0% accurate, features left/right balance, has active temperature compensation and uses Bluetooth SMART. XCADEY makes models for many different cranksets including SRAM, ROTOR, Easton, Race Face, Shimano and more.

Additional XCADEY Power Meter Info:


If you purchase a XCADEY XPOWER-S spider, installation requires that you remove your current crankset, replace your spider with the XPOWER-S and then reinstall your crankset.


XCADEY power meters are very lightweight and weigh between 100-110 grams depending on the version.

Power Measurement

These power meters measure power at the spider. Therefore, they are able to measure power from both legs. In addition, they feature left/right power balance. With this feature, the power meter can tell you how much power is being generated by each leg.

Special Features

XCADEY power meters also have active temperature compensation. This means the power meter takes into account changes in temperature and how that may affect the way the power meter reads. This feature ensures accurate power reading regardless of the weather.


The XPOWER-S uses a rechargeable battery that estimates 150 hours of battery life.

Communication Protocol

These power meters have both ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART. Therefore, they can be used with any bicycle computer, smart phone or tablet. You can also use them with indoor training apps.


XCADEY XPOWER-S power meters are accurate to within +/- 1.0%. This is considered very accurate for a power meter.

Cadence Detection

Like most power meters, these use an accelerometer to measure cadence.


The XPOWER-S power meter comes with a two-year warranty. The warranty covers the product from defects in material and workmanship.

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