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Favero Assioma Set-up Instructions

If you have or are thinking about getting the Favero Assioma power meter, congratulations. It’s a wonderful power meter. Not only does it take advantage of all of the benefits that power meter pedals provide (easy installation, compatible with every bike, can be moved from bike to bike, measures independent left/right power, etc.), but accuracy and reliability are top notch. The Assioma uses IAV Power Technology which ensures +/- 1.0% accuracy and reliability is as good as any power meter we sell. Oh – and did we mention they are priced at $759 – which is equal to or below other pedal-based systems. But the purpose of this article actually is not to convince you it’s a great pedal, but rather to review the Favero Assioma Set-up Instructions.

Favero Assioma Set-up Instructions banner image


Favero Assioma Set-up Instructions

Both the Favero Assioma DUO and UNO require that you perform some initial set-up steps before the pedals will go live and start sending power and cadence data to your head unit. The thing is, some of these steps are unique to the Assioma. So if you don’t know about them, you’ll be left wondering why your pedals aren’t yet working. These steps are outlined in the user manual that accompanies your pedals, but we have found some folks tend to toss that aside, so we thought it would be helpful if we laid them out for you here – along with some additional tips. And don’t worry, nothing here is difficult at all. The entire set-up process shouldn’t take more than about 10 minutes. Lastly, please note that these steps assume you already have your pedals installed on your bike.


1. Activate your pedals with the free Assioma app

The very first thing you need to do is download the free Assioma app and activate your pedals. Simply download and then open the app and follow the instructions. If you skip this step, your pedals won’t send any data to your head unit so it’s critical you do this. The Assioma app is free and is available both for iOS and Android. (Note that you can perform this step before your pedals are installed if you wish to).


2. Pair your Assioma to your head unit

This is a standard step for any power meter or bike sensor (heart rate monitor, cadence sensor, etc.). Just rotate your cranks a few times in order to wake up your pedals. Your head unit (bicycle computer or watch) should then prompt you to pair your new device. Just click “Yes” or “Pair” and you’re done. If your head unit doesn’t prompt you to pair, you need to navigate to the Sensors menu in your head unit, find the Assioma and click “Pair”.

Note that head units with ANT+ only need to be paired with the left pedal. (The left pedal will transmit the data collected by the right pedal.) Therefore, you will be looking for a 5-digit ANT+ ID identification number. If your head unit has Bluetooth SMART and you wish to use that transmission protocol (instead of ANT+), you need to pair your head unit with both the left and the right pedal. In this case, the right pedal will be recognizable by the R ID identification number.


3. Set your crank length on your head unit

When using power meter pedals, your head unit needs to know how long your crank arms are in order for it to properly convert your force into watts. The default setting on power meter pedals is 172.5 mm. So, if your length is not 172.5 mm, you will want to set the correct crank arm length for your pedals in your head unit. Note that if for any reason, the crank arm length cannot be set in the bike computer, you can set it in the Assioma app.


4. Perform a calibration or zero-offset

As with almost all power meters, we strongly recommend performing a zero-offset before every ride (also referred to as a calibration). When you perform a zero-offset, the power meter zeros out any residual torque that has built up in the power meter and wipes the power meter clean. It’s similar to setting the tare on a scale. Zeroing your Assioma takes about 15 seconds and is a good habit to get into.


5. Ride for a few minutes to set the installation angles

This is the last step and like the first step, is unique to the Assioma. All that is required here is that you get on your bike and ride for a minute or so. During this time, the Assioma will complete a one-time internal self-calibration. Favero recommends to perform this short ride on a level road using a standard cadence (80-90 RPM). Once the procedure is complete, power and cadence will begin to display on your head unit. All that is left is to enjoy your new Assioma!

Josh Matthew

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  1. Judy

    I have just set up my new Assioma pedals. They connect through the app on my phone but I’m unable to get them to connect to Zwift on my computer. The blue tooth is working on the computer and the pedals are activated and lights flash but not connecting. Could you help please



  2. Hasnain Kara

    I just got a set of duo. My Garmin 830 latest firmware is only showing power on one side. Both pedals are activated and lights flashing.

    1. Power Meter City

      Awesome! Thank you for this review, Hasnain. We hope you will continue to enjoy your new pedals and please let us know if there is anything else we can do! Ride safe!

  3. Joe fletcher

    Assioma pedals don’t recognise Gmail or hotmail?
    Unable to activate

    How to rectify?

  4. Marwan

    Hi Josh,
    Thanks a lot man
    that last step was I need
    I was home running circles chasing my tail
    why the heck isn’t displaying anything while everything looks in order
    took it for a spin around the house, couple of meters and everything shines

    Thanks a lot
    keep it up

    1. Power Meter City

      Awesome!! Thank you for letting us know Marwan. We are here if there is anything else we can do! Ride safe!

  5. Paul Groves

    Hi there

    I’ve had thee pedals for a couple of years and been very satisfied with them but have not been able to link to my garmin for the last few rides. Turning the cranks doesn’t wake the left pedal up. Putting the charging cable on allows me to link them but as soon as they are removed not visible again to both the garmin or phone.

    Any ideas?


    1. Power Meter City

      Hi Paul. I’m sorry about your connection issue. I would encourage you to contact the Favero support team as they are able to look at your pedal values through the Favero app. We, unfortunately, don’t have access to those tools. Please let us know if you need anything else from us! Thanks in advance!

  6. Dan Bartell

    Hi. I have been using the Assioma Duo petals for a year with no problems. For various reasons I just sold them to someone and though they downloaded the Assioma app, they have been unable to connect with the petals. Thinking perhaps that initial connection to my phone through Bluetooth may have been a problem, I deleted the app on my phone. Any ideas on how to get them to connect w my Buyer’s app?

    1. Power Meter City

      Hi Dan. I believe you will need to reach out to Favero support so they can assist you with that and hopefully reset the account. We are here if there is anything else we can do!

  7. Ross Everest

    Hi I’ve had the duos since Just before Christmas,
    Managed too get a ride in outside today. I’ve not been using the pedals as the kickr tells me all I need too know.
    Anyway I’m wondering how can I find my iav data my hammerhead karoo2 told me the bias on screen but I’d like too look via the internet or on a graph on my phone? A app or something? From what I’ve read I’m assuming I should be able too find it on the hammerhead website?

    Many thanks

    1. Power Meter City

      Thanks for the great question Ross. Being that the Karoo 2 is still relatively new, and also because we don’t currently sell it, we’d have to recommend you reach out to them for support on that. Any other questions, please let us know!

  8. Scott Barrow

    HI there, I have the Assioma Duos which are great, no doubt. I use a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt head unit. And then post ride, it syncs with Wahoo’s companion app etc. etc. Do you know if there is a way of bypassing the head unit in this pathway process? Ie. Can the pedals send the data straight to the app on the iPhone without the Bolt being turned on?

    Thanks, Scott.

    1. Power Meter City

      Hi Scott. Thanks for the great question. My understanding is that it is not possible to bypass the bike computer when using the Wahoo companion app. and the Bolt needs to be part of the process.

  9. Antônio Vaz

    Hello team,

    I just acquire a assioma duo and it will arrives in the next month. It’s my first powermeter, and I have a question about Garmin connections.
    I only have a 920xt, do I have to acquire a garmin edge in order to communicate with it?


    1. Power Meter City

      Hi Antonio. The 920XT should work with your power meter. However, we recommend a dedicated bike computer for maximum functionality. Thanks

  10. Scott

    I’ve done a few rides with my Assioma pedals purchased from PMC, but I’m not getting PP or PPP data on my Garmin Edge 520 head unit. When the data is uploaded to Garmin connect, I can see power, L/R balance, torque effectiveness, and pedal smoothness, but no cycling dynamics data. Cycling dynamics is turned on and I can see the L/R data on the Garmin during the ride, but the PP fields are empty.

    The pedals are connected via ANT+ and I think I’ve followed all the proper instructions for calibration and setup. Do you think this a Garmin or Favero issue? Any help is appreciated…

    1. Power Meter City

      Hi Scott,

      Favero’s IAV Cycling Dynamics can be transmitted only via ANT+ and, at the moment, only some Garmin cycle computers have been updated to show the IAV Cycling Dynamics, including the following models:

      – Edge 520 Plus
      – Edge 530
      – Edge 820
      – Edge 830
      – Edge 1030
      – Forerunner 935
      – Forerunner 945
      – Fenix 5 Series
      – Fenix 5 Plus Series
      – MARQ Series

      I hope this helps. Thanks!

  11. Peter A Formisano

    Hi, I have been using the pedals for several rides and love them. I am using a Fenix5S as my head unit. When I download the data I am getting the power information and it appears to be in line with what I expected. The issue I am having is that I am not seeing the left and right data in Garmin Connect. I see a power chart, however not the chart for left or right power separately.

    I installed the pedals, set them up in the app and did a zero reset. The app sees both pedals and connects to them. So, I believe they were setup correctly, The ant ID I received shows on the head unit and zwift as 8941. The actual number in the app was 08941

    Any thoughts on why I would not have the individual power by left and right?


    1. Power Meter City

      Hi Peter. I think this is a fenix 5 thing, whereby the watch isn’t capturing L/R data. Do you have access to a computer capable if displaying L/R data? If so, test it out with the other device to confirm this. It does indeed sound like the pedals are set-up and working correctly.

  12. John T Chon

    i performed a thorough google search, and your instructions explained why my Garmin 1000 was failing to display the power wattage. Thanks so much! An insightful read…

    1. Power Meter City

      Hi John. Thanks for the message and I’m glad we could help! We hope you enjoy your Assiomas!

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