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50+ of the Best Cycling Blogs Today

Top 50 Best Cyclying Blogs

A lot of cycling hobbyists look to the internet as a great resource for finding useful information on new gear, awesome places to find the next adventure, and cycling events to look forward to. It’s also where thousands of hobbyists converge to form a community that shares their passion for the sport.

But given that the niche is too narrow, chances are, information can be pooled in a limited number of sites, an ironic situation for an ever-expanding community and industry that constantly finds new avenues for growth.

Today, you will find a lot of inspiring cyclists sharing their stories online while also encouraging others to take their own bold rides. New blogs are constantly being put up on how to begin your own cycling adventure. And still, veteran sites are indispensable at offering a fantastic concoction of cycling news, cycling tips, and other cycling-related hacks to help you train well or find more exciting opportunities with your beloved hobby.

Whether you’re a professional cyclist or you simply ride as part of your fitness routine, there are sites that match your style and your needs.

This article collates the best of the best and lists 50+ of the most amazing and interesting cycling blogs on the internet today.

CyclingNews calls itself “the passionate cycling fan’s first port of call for news, race results, tech, live race coverage, race photography, interviews, features, diaries, video content, fitness and forums,” and it never fails to deliver.

A collaborative work that has its roots way back since 1995, this blog has become the go-to site for the most recent updates in the sport, the technologies built for it, and a respected community of generations of cyclists, old and new, who share their experiences and expertise in riding and racing.

CyclingTips first started out in September 2008 as a personal blog by Wade Wallace. Its original purpose was to collate and publish cycling tips that Wallace stumbled across throughout many years of cycling, both as a racer and as a passionate rider.

More than a decade later, Wallace’s blog has been a success, evolving as Wallace’s journey grew and now involves a great conglomerate of amazing people who share Wallace’s passion for the sport. This blog features news stories on anything cycling related, tech, the incredible world of women’s cycling, adventure, gallery, and an awesome podcast for all cycling enthusiasts.

Want to spy on the latest in bike tech? BikeRumor is one of your best bets. BikeRumor was launched back in June 2008 by avid cyclist Typer Benedict, who loves everything shiny. Ten years later, the site has considerably grown to be, as it claims, “the world’s largest tech blog.”

In 2014, the site has reached an average of 4.5 million monthly page views, a staggering viewer count for such a niche market. Today, BikeRumor covers everything from road to cyclocross to cross-country to gravity, occasionally tackling commuting and lifestyle and everything in between.

If you live in the Portland area, chances are, you know BikePortland to the bottom of your bike wheels. An award-winning source of journalistic cycling news, it seeks to inform and inspire its audience in Portland and beyond.

BikePortland was founded in July 2005 by Jonathan Maus as an independent daily news source that primarily covers the Portland bike scene although it occasionally touches important news from the world over. More than a decade later, it remains committed to its mission and consistent in providing its audience with beautifully crafted and fun to read articles.

PEZCyclingNews delivers a daily alternative to institutional cycling press, providing a platform where cyclists and fans can connect, live, and enjoy the pro cycling life no matter where you are in the world.

Founded by Richard Pestes in 2002, PEZCyclingNews is now the go-to site for everything cool in pro cycling, featuring the latest in news, cycling tech, cycling training, and science and fitness techniques for mind and body, interviews, racing event information, and cycling photography.

We Love Cycling is an online magazine that brings original stories, fresh videos, and special reports from the wide world of cycling. It features a beautiful, user-friendly blog interface that makes it easy to navigate through cycling news, premier interviews, and tech features.

One of the best selling points of We Love Cycling is its TV segment that features the most amazing cycling stories featuring equally amazing cyclists embarking on one-of-a-kind adventures.

Want comprehensive reviews of the latest bikes and cycling gear? The concentrated yet diversified palate of RoadBike Review for examining gear tech is perhaps its biggest edge in the industry.

Consisted of a staff of cycling experts and enthusiasts, RoadBike Review regularly churns out comprehensive analysis and assessments of cycling equipment with focus on road, urban, and cyclocross. As if that were not great enough, they also video features and gear segments, as well as a forum portal that invites all cycling enthusiasts from anywhere in the globe to come together.

In traditional blogging format, Bike Snob NYC systematically and mercilessly disassembles, flushes, greases, and repacks the cycling culture. Bike Snob is the brainchild of one man who constantly puts interesting insight about cycling as a sport and as a hobby.

Eben Weiss, a.k.a. the Bike Snob, also a contributor to the Outside Magazine, has just recently published The Ultimate Bicycle Owner’s Manual. Between the virtual pages of this virtual nook, you’ll find plenty of delightfully amusing tales of personal experience as well as sensitive and prescient perspectives on cycling as a human phenomenon.

Love to Ride is a cycling site with a mission: to promote cycling via behavior-change principles. Via the Love to Ride portal, people can log their rides, set goals, encourage others, and keep up-to-date with the latest challenges and community news.

Love to Ride’s blog is not your ordinary cycling blog. Each post is well-researched, complete with data with expert analysis on seemingly mundane aspects of cycling as a hobby, a sport, and a way of life.

Perhaps more commonly known by its global cycling handle Tour d’Afrique, TDA Cycling Tour basically blogs about the iconic Guinness World Records–breaking cycling event of power-crossing the African continent. The company itself provides encourages cyclists from all over the world to experience its one-of-a-kind cycling tours.

Today, it handles tours in six continents straddling 80 countries and providing a spectacular expedition and adventure from Taipei to Lisbon. Tune in to their blogs for regular news content and announcements.

BikeHugger is one of the many wonderful examples of a blog born out of pure passion for the sport. Its main aim is to share the nature, fun, and joy of life on two wheels with no agendas or brand loyalties. BikeHugger provides awesome cycling-lifestyle articles, gear and tech reviews, as well as regularly updated news on what’s hot on the cycling route.

You can also access the BikeHugger blogs straight from your phone through their mobile-friendly BikeHugger app.

Seattle Bike Blog shares everything fun and interesting in the Seattle cycling scene. It was founded in 2010 by Tom Fucoloro, an independent journalist from St. Louis, Missouri, who sold his car to move to the Emerald City. Not long after, he learned to love biking and going around this beautiful town.

With his love for good journalism and cycling, he established this awesome blog, which still remains faithful to the mission it was founded on.

ApexBikes is straightforward in its mission: to provide helpful content for the cyclists and bicycle industry. Its main focus is on bicycle and gears, and its staff is comprised of writers and editors who are equally passionate about cycling.

Aside from gear and bike tech, ApexBikes also provides indispensable information on the health benefits of cycling, how it compares to other forms of exercises, like jogging, and most importantly, it crunches the data on cycling via their “Statistics and Study” portals.

Before it became Red Kite Prayer, it was first Belgium Knee Warmers, a conglomerate of devoted cycling enthusiasts who wrote about their knowledge and experience simply for the sake of sharing to the world ideas that they are passionate about. But as the blog grew and increased its readership, so did BKW and its subject matter.

Today, it provides engaging bites from doping analysis to the frustration that comes with burnout, reaching deep into the cyclist’s psyche to garner insights that spark conversation. And indeed, they don’t disappoint. Reading Red Kite Prayer is always a delightful journey of discovery, with fruitful perspectives on the mind, the body, and the machine.

BikeRide is essentially an online cycling events calendar listing that allows bicycle-event organizers to publicize their rides or races and for cyclists to find great rides near them using geolocation search.

Founded in 1996 by Brent Soderberg, the blog originally envisioned has now evolved to included plenty of helpful information on bicycle repair guides to help cyclists learn how to fix their own bikes. It also includes a bicycle forum where site visitors can stay tuned to interesting discussions.

A personal blog with amusing content, Fat Cyclist is about one man’s feat to lose weight, which he channels through his love for bicycles. Follow along as Elden documents his amazing journey, and be inspired to start your own incredible adventure.

Not only is this wonderful father of four sharing his story, but he is also encouraging others to take the journey with him. Check him out!

Tom is from England, and he’s an amazing adventurer. Since 2006, he has cycled over 50 countries, pedalled 20,000+ kilometers, and published over half a million words on his blog to help you get started with cycle touring and bikepacking.

Tom’s Bike Trip is largely about exploring the broad potential of bicycle travel as a tool for making personal, meaningful journeys and sharing what he discovers in the hope of making bicycle travel accessible to all who dream of it.

If you’re on the lookout for updates on the latest races, Podium Cafe is a great site to be. Their content includes live races, Tour de France, a section for cycling books, a special section for women’s cycling, fan posts, and much more! Podium Cafe is a part of the greater SB Nation, which is a network of communities where sports fans from all backgrounds gather to share their passion for the teams they love.

Want to learn something new about your favorite hobby? Bike Hacks is an astonishing site for discovering awesome, mind-blowing hacks. You will be astonished how some simple tweaks in the design and build of your bike can completely transform and alter its performance.

The site includes great articles from clothing and fenders to repair and repurposing. It also features quirky bits about cycling culture, gear, safe, and tools. Got some awesome cycling tricks you want to share? Submit your hacks!

Dave Moulton is an ex–bicycle framebuilder whose creations and builds have graced Tour de France, the Olympics, and the World Championships. Though now retired, his business is still run successfully today under the management of his former apprentice, Russ Denny.

An incredible man with an incredible insight about the craft and the spectacle and glory of the cycling world, Dave regularly writes about and shares his perspectives on life as a builder, on gear, on freedom, and the often-veiled stories of humanity in between.

Cycling Challenge is a blog about cycling the Alps, offering content both funny and informative about this scenic and satisfying journey. The blogger documents his yearly cycling challenge, which you can freely follow along forward or backtrack in the blog’s archives. He also posts maps of his routes in the Alps.

Aside from that, awesome content on mountain bikes and interesting and entertaining articles can be found in features. But perhaps one of the best parts of the blog are the incredible photos with hilarious captions.

The site’s original creators, RL Policar and Moises (Moe) Ramirez, are both avid commuters with a compelling style of writing and blogging. By the encouragement of friends and other bicycle industry leaders from all over the US, they started this bike-commuting site in the spring of 2007. Since then, the site has grown to an astounding readership and has continually provided news, articles, product reviews, and how-tos of anything that is related to bike commuting.

Enjoy an up-to-date selection of information that will help commuters, from the grocery-getting person to the guy who has a 60-mile commute.

In the business since 1984, Bicycle Adventures has been a premier leader in providing the most memorable and challenging bicycle tours in the US, Canada, and a host of amazing international cycling destinations. Its blog documents beautiful journeys complete with inviting photographs that will really urge you to discover the places themselves.

Looking forward to your next tour? Give them a call.

Jill Outside is the outdoor adventure journal of Jill Homer, a freelance editor and writer living in Boulder, Colorado. This blog was launched way back in 2005, chronicling Jill’s adventures around the world while living in Homer; Juneau, Alaska; Missoula, Montana; Los Altos, California; and now Boulder. Jill Outside is the beautiful compendium of good writing and awesome photography, which inspires any reader to follow the lovely way Jill enjoys life.

Average Joe Cyclist is the awesome collab work of husband and wife Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe Cyclist. Per Mr. Average Joe Cyclist’s words: “I write a blog for people like me. People who love cycling but will probably never win any races, and who don’t necessarily look good in Lycra!” Such humble words given the astounding amount of work they’ve so wonderfully done for the site.

This home blog features bike computers, cycling ear, bike tours and trails, as well as bike training and cycling tips. They also include information on cycling deals, reviews, e-bikes, fitness, a special segment for Mrs. Average Joe Cyclist, and giving back to the community with their cycling advocacy. It’s everything you look for in a cycling blog and much, much more!

Kai and Sheila met in 2001, and though at that time they were headed in opposite directions, both had a hunch that their lives are somehow going to tangle up in the future. And that’s exactly what happened.

In 2008, they began the serious planning of simplifying their lives, and so began the dream to cycle the world together. Today, Kai and Sheila’s stories resonate and inspire thousands of readers from the world over, in awe of the couple’s boldness and unique insight, their intelligence, and their special way of seeing things. Fall in love with Kai and Sheila as they take you to their journey of love and discovery.

A unique perspective on cycling and life, the drunk cyclists of Drunk Cyclist takes you to the raucous world of ambition, bikepacking, braving trails, and gravel dashes. This is no ordinary cycling blog but an amusing and surprisingly insightful detour from the sometimes-too-serious world of cycling culture. Full of sassery and ranting, racing, and story time, which are more than occasionally fuelled by a six-pack are what you’d expect from Drunk Cyclist.

Asheville on Bikes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization advocating for better biking and walking infrastructure in Asheville, North Carolina. The goal of the group is to advocate, educate, and organize meaningful events where cycling enthusiasts come together to share their passion. Their reach has been inspiring, altogether nurturing a whole community of people who understand the role of cycling in fitness not only for the body but also for the environment.

In 2009, Stephen Fabes was a doctor at Guys and St. Thomas’ NHS Trust in central London. worked in emergency medicine, intensive care, and on medical wards. But in January 2010, he waved goodbye to colleagues, friends, and family from outside the hospital and, for the next six years, pedalled across 75 different countries, clocking up a distance of 86,209 km (53,568 miles) by bicycle. That’s a distance equivalent to more than twice around the planet, or 61 times the length of Great Britain, or 23,808 laps of the Coventry ring road, or almost a quarter of the way to the moon.

Cycling the 6 chronicles the extraordinary dream and extraordinary achievements of this extraordinary human being.

Sometimes, there’s a certain caveat to believing review articles on most cycling sites. That’s why personal, unbiased opinion is still always more reliable than product-backed content. This is the gap that Dave seeks to fill.

His goal with this blog is to provide accurate reviews and helpful information on making bike buying less stressful and more enjoyable. He follows a personal creed in his review process and take on gear, including mountain, road, hybrid, as well as indoor and cycling accessories.

SLO stands for San Luis Obispo, one of the best places to live in the country—according to Oprah. This blog originally started out to cover the bike scene in SLO, but encouraged by an overwhelming response in readership, SLO Cyclist now hosts a large worldwide audience, expanding their scope to include tips, reviews, lists, how-to guides, triathlon, and even budget cycling.

The articles are entertaining with good humor, something you’ll find refreshing especially when it comes to talking about serious stuff like cycling gear, tech, and news updates.

Bike Blog NYC started out in February of 2005, inspired by NYPD’s crackdown on Critical Mass, a monthly bike ride event. Michael Green, its creator, is a filmmaker and purveyor of what he calls humankind’s greatest invention, the bicycle.

In this blog, he talks about mutant bikes, messenger events, bicycle technology, and the vast realm of bicycle culture. His focus is on the NYC bicycle scene.

We Are the Cyclists (WATC) is a group of experienced cyclists who come united with a common vision: to make cycling easier for beginners, inspire people to feel the joy of cycling, and share must-know information about the sport.

The blog is dedicated to cycling tips, step-by-step guides, how-tos, and anything related to cycling. Here, you can read about different bike types as well as every part of a bicycle and gear.

An award-winning blog, Bike Tourings’ Blog is an incredible resource of information for bicycle touring and bike commuting. The blog also features comprehensive reviews, provides free e-books, and plenty of silly bike banter that will cater to your varied taste for cycling content. It has its very own shop and shares other helpful nuggets about everything related to bicycle culture.

Living a life of true adventure is rare, much more with a bicycle as your chosen means of transportation. This is what makes OMOBOW so appealing. German cyclist Florian quit his studies in molecular biology to embark on a journey so far removed from our safe idea of a good life.

Having pedalled through more than 20 countries, Florian tells a story that is now as big as his dream—a one-of-a-kind journey that inspires many to rethink what goes so easily unquestioned about life and individuality.

A high-quality cycling blog that tells stories beyond the numbers, Silber Pro Cycling is a legacy on its own, unveiling the persons behind victories, the forces behind every successful race, and journeys of thousands of miles. This Canadian race team tackles the odds of the sport and the efforts that continually push the boundaries of the impossible.

Whether you’re seriously geeking out on bicycles and cycling or simply just a fan of long bike rides on weekends, The Geeky Cyclist can teach you a thing or two about pro cycling and show you the beautiful world of bicycles. This blog contains oodles of tips on cycling, as well as product reviews and gear guides. If you want good deals on all things related to cycling, mosey on to The Geeky Cyclist for some great finds.

Singles don’t have the monopoly of cycling. Those who are married (and are parents, at that) are also exhilarated by the feel of the wind on their faces as they bike along quiet roads and enjoy the panoramic view of the sky and landscape around them.

One fine example of this is the awesome woman behind Ordinary Cycling Girl, Donna, who enjoys traveling on two wheels. This yoga enthusiast shares her latest adventures and the life lessons she’s learned during these travels. Through her writing, she convinces readers that there are plenty of reasons to love cycling, aside from the obvious health benefits. She’s also very generous to dole out much-valued cycling tips for those who are curious to try the hobby.

The wheels on the bike go round and round as Cycling Art Blog takes us to the different cycling events across the globe, showing us, along the way, the breathtaking sights and colorful culture that each city brings.

If you’ve always had places like Brazil, France, and Spain on your bucket list and you’re a cycling aficionado, check out this blog to read more. Perhaps the snapshots of action behind the various cycling events will finally convince you to cure your wanderlust and go on your own two-wheeled excursion.

“Sound mind, sound body”—the ancient Greeks believed that an equilibrium between exercise and a healthy mind is important in achieving and enjoying a good quality of life. The Happy Athlete knows this all too well, emphasizing this belief by publishing articles that center on effective training techniques and strategies, the latest in sports technology, product guides and comparisons, and general advice on how to achieve and sustain an active lifestyle through cycling.

Dr. Joseph Sheppard, the blog’s owner and a health enthusiast, ups the game of The Happy Athlete by also featuring his research projects on the field of sports science, making informed readers out of his avid followers.

The passion for cycling can be used to further a noble cause, and such is the case with the amazing people at Unknown Cycling. This team is part of a group that sets up fundraising cycling events to help various organizations (e.g., the National MS Society) on their advocacies.

The eponymous blog is the platform through which Unknown Cycling members spread awareness on the different charitable causes people can take up. Some of the posts go behind the scenes in the events the team participates in, while others are about educating readers on safe cycling practices and giving useful information on anything related to cycling.

If you want expert advice on cycling, you best head over to this blog. The blog’s owner, Tony Rees, is a former Ironman triathlete who has chosen cycling as his new sport after an injury permanently prevented him from participating in triathlons.

Rees is currently getting a PhD in the sociology of biking, and this background adds even more credence to his solid, insightful comments on the various aspects of cycling, even writing about useful and effective technologies that cyclists can use on their rides and training. His blog also features the many cycling events he’s participated in.

Every journey carries its own story, and Sean Bird, the lead writer at Everjourney, masterfully tells this story, combining powerful visuals and fluid writing to show the beauty of cycling. The blog also features a review of cycling products and different cycling events and recommendations on good-quality biking routes.

The Cycling Scot has the honor of being recognized as one of the UK’s top 10 cycle touring blogs. This blog talks about cycling but also showcases the vibrant culture of Scotland as he sees it through his own eyes in his bike rides.

As The Cycling Scot is a wealthy resource of information on cycling in Scotland, you can expect to read about how you can best navigate the Land of Lakes, complete with practical tips on routes and how to weave your way in and out of Scottish traffic.

The Unknown Bike Rider gives you a literary trip to the cycling world, departing from the businesslike pallidness of new stories to opt for a deeper reflection on the sport as a way of life. Dive into The Unknown Biker’s delightfully narrated posts on love and leisure, about Ireland and its steep and tough tyre trails, and about a life lived in adventure.

At Power Meter City, we’re passionate about cycling and the achievement and community that comes along with it! We hope these blogs have something for everyone, whether beginner or expert there’s knowledge (and joy!) to be had in diving in and figuring out what works best for you.

While we primarily carry power meters, we also carry a wide range of other components to level up your cycling experience from brands shown to offer quality products. To learn more about individual power meters, parts, and configurations, check out our FAQ section or contact our team for support!

If you think your website should be added to this list, let us know by submitting your blog for review.


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