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4iiii Flight Smart Trainer

Josh Matthew August 23, 2022
4.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)


A smart trainer with zero contact induction technology, silent operation and easy setup.

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4iiii Flight Smart Trainer

The 4iiii Flight Smart Trainer makes the indoor training experience simply better! The Flight’s proprietary direct induction resistance algorithms, which are unique to this trainer, deliver a flywheel-free, zero-contact, pre-calibrated ride. This means no tire wear, the quietest ride on the market, superior ease of set up and a great road feel, all while keeping your wheel on and your bike road-ready. In addition, Flight’s lightweight and sleek design makes it easily stored away to avoid clutter in your home.

The 4iiii Flight Smart Trainer fully integrates with popular training software such as Zwift and TrainerRoad with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android support.


Highlights and Features

  • Zero contact design means you never need to purchase another trainer tire
  • Near silent operation
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Lightweight design maximizes portability
  • Virtual flywheel decreases overall weight and size
  • Class leading accuracy (+/- 1.0%)
  • No need for spindown calibration before each use
  • Rechargeable battery power allows you to ride for 2+ hours without external power
  • iOS and Android apps to view real-time and historical data and access additional features:
    • Over-the-air firmware upgrade capability for adding new features and updates
    • Custom naming to easily pick out device in a crowd
    • Battery status indicator
    • Setup and calibration
    • Diagnostics tools
  • Supports training applications through:
    • Windows PC (ANT+)
    • Mac OS (ANT+ or Bluetooth)
    • iOS (Bluetooth)
    • Android (ANT+ or Bluetooth)
4iiii Flight Bike Trainer
4iiii Flight Bike Trainer

Flight has landed. Silent. Portable. Zero Contact. Introducing the 4iiii Flight Smart Trainer!

Powerful magnets integrated on the frame generate resistance against your wheel without contact, allowing for a near silent training experience and realistic road feel.

4iiii Flight Bike Trainer showing zero contact operation
4iiii Flight Bike Trainer folded up showing that it is portable

The 4iiii Flight Smart Trainer’s zero contact induction technology means no tire wear and no wheel removal.

Flight’s virtual inertia decreases the smart trainer’s overall weight while the sleek design folds flat for maximum portability.

4iiii Flight Specifications

  • Dimensions (Set Up): L 552 mm x W 741 mm x H 450 mm (21.7” x 29.2” x 17.7”)
  • Dimensions (Stored): L 565 mm x W 470 mm x H 110 mm (22.2” x 18.5” x 4.3”)
  • Total Weight: 7.9 kg (17.4 lb.)
  • Communication Protocols: ANT+ FE-C, Bluetooth FTMS
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable lithium ion
  • Wireless Riding Time: 2 hours (can be wired during use)
  • Water Resistance: IPX2
  • Power Range: 0 to 2, 200 watts
  • Cadence Range: 40 – 160 RPM
  • Maximum Slope: 7%



  • Compatible Wheels:
    • Aluminum alloy rims with a welded or aluminum sleeve joint
  • Compatible Wheel Sizes:
    • 650C-700C or 26”-29”
3 reviews for 4iiii Flight Smart Trainer
  1. David

    Best value for your money trainer in the market today
    very happy

    • Power Meter City

      Hi David, thank you for the great review on your 4iiii Flight Smart Trainer. Hope you continue to enjoy them and let us know if there is anything else we can do!

  2. Jürgen (verified owner)

    Hi all,

    I am using the 4iiii Flight for a couple of weeks now. Since I am living in a flat and the walls are thin, I had to buy a very quiet smart-trainer.

    Maybe I have important information for all of you, who think about buying or already bought this trainer.

    – For the trainer to work properly, you need a very clean rim. My backwheel was 5 years old and had several scratches. I hat to order a completely new wheel.

    – I tried to pair the Flight in Zwift via Bluetooth and ANT+ directly to my Microsoft surface tablet, which did not really work (maybe a software problem since the trainer is new on the market). Better try to use the Zwift-Companion app.

    – I have troubles using Zwift, because the moment there is a large descent, the little robotic motion stops and there is no resistance to paddle anymore. You have the same problem when switching gears.

    – I can’t use the standalone version also, because there is no android app to calibrate at the moment.

    For now, I can train by choosing flat routes in Zwift. I would recommend waiting a couple of months more, before buying this product. Once 4iiii has solved the mentioned issues, this will be the go-to smart-trainer for all who need to be quiet at home.

    • Power Meter City

      Hi Jürgen. Thanks for the info about 4iiii Flight Smart Trainer. Lets us know if you need anything else.

  3. Christine F. (verified owner)

    Hi all. I’ve had this trainer for about two weeks now. Some background – this is my first smart trainer after 5 years on a trusty green Kinetic dumb trainer.

    First, the 4iiii trainer is super compact and it’s going to be really easy to store in summer when I ride outdoors. It folds up very flat and can slide under a bed or into a closet. Also, the rumors that its very quiet are solid — it’s definitely much more quiet than my dumb trainer. There is a squeaking noise when the magnets adjust while riding (I have a note in to customer support about that).

    Getting it set up was simple — my struggles were more on the software side since I haven’t used Trainer Road or Zwift before. That’s my main learning curve. And because I have not used any other smart trainer, I can’t say much about how it might compare to others.

    When I’m pedaling smoothly, it feels just fine. If I just slow-pedal, it does seem to get very confused and keeps adjusting and readjusting the resistance. Customer support says it works best over 75 watts, so that makes sense. It also gets confused with sudden shifts into an interval on Zwift — not so much Trainer Road. But again, I’m not super sure this is a hardware or software issue.

    Customer service is available only by email and it takes them at least 24 hours to get back you. There doesn’t appear to be any phone or chat support. And because this is a brand new product there just isn’t much out there as far as a knowledge base of other users. There’s a short FAQ section on the 4iiii site but that’s it. Again, just something to be aware of.

    The big upside of course, is that the 4iiii is hundreds cheaper than a Kickr or Tacx direct-drive trainer. So that’s the trade. I hope as more people begin to use this model that there will begin to be more substantial information about it, but that will take some time.

    As always, service from Power Meter City is top notch.

    • Power Meter City

      Hi Christine. Thanks for the great review on your 4iiii Flight. Please let us know if we can help with any other set-up questions. We hope you continue to enjoy it!

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