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Cane Creek Cranksets

Cane Creek manufactures a durable and lightweight titanium crankset that can withstand the most rigorous demands from road, trail and enduro riders. By utilizing titanium, Cane Creek cranksets offer the perfect balance of weight savings with premium stiffness and durability. In addition, with a 10-year warranty, this is a top of the line product for riders looking for a dependable, lightweight crankset. Please click Read More below for power meter compatibility.

Cane Creek Power Meter Compatibility:

Using Cane Creek’s 3-bolt interface and an aluminum pre-load collar, the eeWings crankset is compatible with several spider-based power meters. This allows you to create a very high-end power crankset.

For road bikes, this includes the Sigeyi AXO Cane Creek eeWings Road Power Meter. For MTB, you have your choice of the Sigeyi AXO Cane Creek eeWings MTB Power Meter or the more expensive SRM PM9 Cane Creek MTB Power Meter. These power meter spiders bolt directly to the cranksets and measure power from both legs.

You can also install power meter pedals which are compatible with any crankset. We have both road and MTB power meter pedals to choose from.

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