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CX/Gravel Power Meters

CX/Gravel Power Meters Overview

This page contains our favorite power meters for cyclocross and gravel riding. Cyclocross and gravel power meters fall somewhere in between their road and MTB counterparts. Unlike a road power meter, it must be able to withstand the abuse of off-road riding. We’re talking dirt, mud and rocks. However, unlike a MTB power meter, it needs to work on a drivetrain with larger gearing. For example, a CX power meter might feature a 1x 38-42T chainring, whereas a gravel power meter might feature a 2x 48/35 or 50/34 chainring. Below we provide a quick summary on these power meters.

Additional Information:

SRM X-Power MTB Power Meter Pedal

The SRM X-Power is one of only two power meter pedals designed for off-road use. Using a standard Shimano SPD cleat, this pedal can be used for cyclocross or gravel. In addition, because it’s a pedal-based power meter, it is compatible with any bike and can easily be moved between bikes.

Garmin Rally XC200 and XC100 MTB Power Meter Pedals

Garmin is the other brand that makes power meter pedals for offroad use. Like the SRM above, the Garmin Rally XC uses a Shimano SPD cleat and is a great cyclocross or gravel power meter. In addition, the Rally features a cool transferable spindle system, which allows you to use the power meter on a road bike as well (conversion kit sold separately).

4iiii and Stages Left Crank Arm GRX RX810 Power Meters

These 4iiii and Stages gravel power meters are compatible with all Shimano GRX cranksets including GRX RX600. They replace your left side crank arm and measure left leg power. They are some of our best-selling gravel power meters because they are affordable and easy to install.

4iiii Right Crank Arm GRX RX810 Power Meter

4iiii also makes a right side GRX crank arm power meter. This power meter can serve two purposes: if you have a 4iiii GRX left side crank arm power meter, it allows you to upgrade to a dual-sided crankset. Or, some bike frames cannot fit a left side power meter due to clearance issues with the chainstay. In these situations, this 4iiii right side power meter is a great solution.

SRAM RED/Force AXS 107 BCD Power Meter Spider

This power meter is designed for use with SRAM RED/Force ETAP AXS cranksets. It is a spider-based power meter that measures power from both legs. Available chainring options for CX are 1x 36T-46T. Available chainring options for use as a gravel power meter are 2x 33/46, 35/48.

ROTOR INspider Power Meter and Crankset

Compatible with any of ROTOR’s newer direct mount cranksets, the INspider can be used on either CX or gravel bikes. You can set this power meter up in a 1x or 2x chainring configuration and ROTOR offers a range of 110 BCD chainring sizes to fit your needs. You can purchase just the power meter spider, or the entire crankset with power meter.

power2max NGeco ROTOR ALDHU Gravel Power Meter Crankset

We saved one of our favorites for last. The power2max ROTOR ALDHU Gravel unit is a spider-based power meter with crank arms. Using GRX spacing with a narrow road Q factor, the power2max Gravel power meter allows you to run a 1x or 2x chainring. Also, if you currently have a GRX crankset on your bike, the 24MM version uses the same spindle as your GRX, so it’s very easy to change your current crankset out for this new one. power2max gravel power meters are very accurate, reliable and durable.

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