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Shimano Ultegra PD-R8000 Pedals

Josh Matthew May 30, 2023


Pro-level performance for the weight-conscious cyclist

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Shimano Ultegra PD-R8000 Pedals

The Shimano Ultegra PD-R8000 Pedals offer top of the line features at a very attractive price point. Featuring a carbon composite body and stainless steel body plate, these pedals are both lightweight (just 248 grams per pair) and durable. The extra-wide platform increases the efficiency of power transfer while the wide bearing placement distributes load more evenly. In addition, the low stack height of 14.6 mm provides a stable platform for optimal pedaling.

Pedals includes 6-degree float SPD-SL cleats for 3-bolt shoes and all the mounting hardware.



  • Lightweight carbon-composite body
  • Extra-wide platform for a more efficient transfer of power
  • Durable stainless-steel body plate reduces flex and pedal-body wear
  • Wide-bearing placement for rigidity and uniform load distribution
  • Adjustable entry and release tension settings


  • Material: Body: Carbon composite
  • Spindle: Chromoly steel
  • Cleat: Shimano SPD-SL
  • Float: 6 degree
  • Entry / Release: Adjustable cleat retention
  • Weight: 248 grams (pair)
  • Road Clearance: 33 degrees
  • Stack Height: 14.6 mm

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    Solid performance at a very affordable cost!
  • 0 out of 5
    Shimano's top-of-the-line SPD-SL road pedal! Featuring a carbon composite body, stainless steel body plate and unmatched rigidity
  • 0 out of 5
    Versatile performance for serious riders
  • 0 out of 5
    High performance at a very affordable cost!


  • 0 out of 5
    Ultegra/XT level chain. Compatible with road and MTB 11-speed drivetrains and e-Bikes
  • 0 out of 5
    The best chain lube we've ever used. Each bottle lasts over 10,000 km!
  • 0 out of 5
    Stock replacement cleats for your Shimano SPD-SL pedals
  • 0 out of 5
    DURA-ACE/XTR level chain. Compatible with road and MTB 11-speed drivetrains and e-Bikes

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