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Wahoo Speedplay Standard Tension Cleats

Josh Matthew May 24, 2023


Integrated system that delivers maximum efficiency, adjustability and comfort

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Wahoo Speedplay Standard Tension Cleats

The Wahoo Speedplay Standard Tension Cleats is an integrated system that delivers the power and engagement required to take on everything from steep climbs to all out racing. This cleat system features continuous 3-axis adjustability for maximum performance and comfort on the bike. In addition, the low-profile design with rubberized texture allows for better tracking and walkability.



  • Better tracking and walkability due to dimpled, low-profile design and rubberized texture
  • Independent 3-axis adjustability to optimize fit and performance
  • Up to 14 mm of fore/aft adjustability to lock the cleat base plate into place on the bottom side of the shoe
  • Left/right adjustment allows you to further dial in your cleat placement
  • Up to 15 degrees of micro-adjustable free float to dial in the perfect amount of movement
  • Spring technology allows for an easy and effective clipless experience


  • The Wahoo Speedplay Standard Tension Cleats work with 3- and 4-bolt road cycling shoes


  • Weight: 142 grams (3-bolt) 100 grams (4-bolt)
  • Body Material: Grivory GV-6H, TPU, Metal
  • Stack Height: 11.5 mm (3-bolt) 8.5 (4-bolt)
  • Release Angle: Micro Adjustable from 0 degrees to 7.5 degrees
  • Pedal Float: Adjustable from 0 degrees to 15 degrees
  • Cleat Fore - Aft Adjustability: Up to 13 mm
  • Cleat Left - Right Adjustability: Up to 6 mm
  • Walkable Cleat: Yes (adaptor included)

In the Box

  • Cleat Assembly (including Cleat Surrounds)
  • Screw Packet
  • Quick Start Guide

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