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Shimano SPD-SL Road Cleats

Josh Matthew March 20, 2023


Stock replacement cleats for your Shimano SPD-SL pedals

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Shimano SPD-SL Road Cleats

The Shimano SPD-SL Road Cleats are OEM replacement cleats for all Shimano SPD-SL pedals. They are available in three float options: Yellow 6 degrees, Blue 2 degrees and Red 0 degrees (fixed). These Shimano cleats work with 3-bolt road cycling shoes and weigh 72 grams per set (including hardware).


Float Options

Yellow – 6 Degrees of Float
These are the most popular option for most cyclists. They feature six degrees of float (three in each direction). This allows for free movement and low joint stress.

Blue – 2 Degrees of Float
This is Shimano’s newest cleat option. They have two degrees of float (one degree in each direction). This allows for a small range of movement but still offers great pedaling efficiency.

Red SPD-SL Cleats – 0 Degrees of Float
These cleats have 0 degrees of float (fixed position). They are often used by sprinters or professional athletes. They offer the most efficient power transfer, however it’s important you have your cleat position set accurately and are comfortable using your cleats a fixed position.


  • These cleats work with 3-bolt road cycling shoes


  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight pair + fastenings: 72 grams

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