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MTX Red Label RACE Brake Pads

Josh Matthew September 19, 2022


Get more power, modulation and silence with Red Label RACE brake pads!

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MTX Red Label RACE Brake Pads

The MTX Red Label RACE Brake Pads will improve your braking power, modulation and are quieter than stock brake pads! Made with proprietary blends of Kevlar, MTX CeraEvo ceramic materials and other special additives and modifiers, these pads are made specifically for racers, performance riders and anyone that wants near silent brake pads. They are a performance upgrade from your existing brake pads!



Power – MTX’s special CeraEvo ceramic material provides the ultimate interface for your rotor – a huge improvement over stock brake pads.

Modulation – You can now control your braking with precision and apply the exact braking power needed.

Silence – These Red Label RACE Ceramic pads are near silent in all conditions, making brake noise a thing of the past.


Red Label RACE vs. Gold Label HD

The Red Label RACE version is for all-around performance for the average rider or racer. They offer better modulation, perform a bit better in wet conditions and offer more noise reduction, but aren’t quite as strong as the Gold pads. However, they are still stronger than stock pads!

The Gold Label HD is for eMTBs, heavier weight and riders who are really charging the downhills.

MTX Red vs. Gold Label Brake Pads Comparison Chart


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