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Wolf Tooth WT-G Precision Bike Grease

Josh Matthew April 12, 2024


All-purpose bike grease for your cycling-specific needs

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Wolf Tooth WT-G Precision Bike Grease – 8 oz.

Wolf Tooth WT-G Precision Bike Grease is an all-purpose, waterproof lubricant for your cycling-specific needs. The Wolf Tooth Bike Grease reduces friction while also protecting your parts from contaminants, water and corrosion. It also works to prevent non-moving components from seizing together. It can be used on bottom brackets, hubs, headsets, general bicycle assembly and more.



  • Maintains low viscosity for consistent performance from -60ºF to 360ºF (roughly -50ºC to 180ºC) in all conditions
  • Creates smooth, easy component movement for low energy loss
  • Long-lasting lubrication for extended bearing and component life
  • High resistance to oxidation and corrosion
  • Can be used on steel, alloy and titanium

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