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Favero Assioma Replacement Pedal Body

Josh Matthew February 28, 2021
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Replacement Pedal Body for your Favero Assioma pedals!

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Favero Assioma Replacement Pedal Body

The Favero Assioma Replacement Pedal Body is a direct replacement for the ones on your Favero Assioma power meter pedals. These pedal bodies feature improved aesthetics and the upgraded black spring that Favero released in mid-2019.

The new spring has a wider release torque tension. Specifically, the spring’s release torque tension range is from 8Nm to 20Nm (vs. 11Nm to 20Nm in the old pedal bodies). This wider range allows for lower release tension which makes the pedals easier to clip in and out of.

The new pedal body includes bearings, M6 nuts, oil-seal and end-cap.


Instructions for Changing Your Pedal Body

Changing the pedal body is easy. Simply remove the endcap and the M6 nut under the endcap in order to release the pedal body from the spindle. Then, reinstall the new pedal body. Make note not to over-tighten the endcap in order to avoid possible damage to the internal threads. The suggested force to apply is 2-3 Nm. Please see the Assioma Technical Data Sheet where you can see the pedal’s composition and the necessary tightening forces in detail.

2 reviews for Favero Assioma Replacement Pedal Body

  1. Avatar

    Guillermo COURT (verified owner)

    The pack brings everything you need to completely renew the pedal. I suggest its installation with a torque wrench for proper operation.

    • Power Meter City

      Power Meter City

      Hi Guillermo. Thanks for leaving a review on your Favero Assioma Replacement Pedal Body! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you! Cheers!

  2. Avatar

    Randy Goodson (verified owner)

    Took a spill on my bike last year. My Assioma Power Meter Pedal just wasn’t quite the same after that. I ordered this replacement housing and … life is good again. My power meter is working as flawlessly as it was the day I got them. And … the repair was super easy. The service from Power Meter City was personal, expedient, and cost effective. Thanks Power Meter City!

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