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Do I need to calibrate Favero Assioma power meter after changing pedal bodies?

One of the nice things about the Favero Assioma power meter is you can easily replace the pedal bodies. For example, in the event of a crash…or if you’re just looking to freshen up the engagement and performance, you can order the Favero Assioma Replacement Pedal Body and swap them out with your old ones. The new pedal body includes bearings, M6 nuts, oil-seal and end-cap.

Customers often ask if you not need to re-calibrate the power meter pedals after installing the new pedal bodies and the answer is no. Just install the new pedal bodies onto your spindles, torque to spec and you are good to go! In addition, here is the Assioma Technical Data sheet which contains the torque specs you will need.

Josh Matthew

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