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ROTOR Cranksets

We carry the full range of ROTOR Cranksets including both road and MTB models. Featuring a modular design, these cranks are compatible with any ROTOR 1x or 2x chainrings. They are also compatible with power2max power meters or the ROTOR INspider power meter. Please click Read More below for additional information as well as power meter compatibility.

Additional ROTOR Crankset Info:

Road Cranksets

For road bikes, we have the ROTOR ALDHU and VEGAST cranksets. The ADLHU is available in an aluminum as well as a super light and stiff carbon version. The aluminum version comes in both 24 and 30 mm spindle sizes, whereas the carbon version is 30 mm only. The VEGAST is a slightly more budget friendly version and is available in both 24 and 30 mm versions.

MTB Cranksets

For MTB bikes, we have the ROTOR KAPIC cranksets. Just like the ALDHU versions for road, the KAPIC is available in both an aluminum and carbon version. The KAPIC aluminum cranks are compatible with standard and boost frames, whereas the KAPIC Carbon is compatible with boost and super boost frames. These MTB cranks use a 30 mm spindle and are compatible with most frames when used with the correct bottom bracket.

Power Meter Compatibility

For ROTOR ALDHU and VEGAST cranksets, we recommend the ROTOR INspider Road Power Meter. It’s a spider-based power meter that bolts directly onto the cranks and measures power from both legs. It uses a 110 4-bolt interface and works with both 1x and 2x chainrings.

For ROTOR KAPIC and KAPIC Carbon cranksets, we recommend the ROTOR INspider MTB Power Meter. It’s similar to the one for road but uses a slightly smaller 100×4 interface. This allows you to use both round and oval chainrings as small as 30T, perfect for MTB. It’s also more affordable at $499.

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