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SRAM and Quarq Cranksets

We carry the full range of SRAM and Quarq Cranksets. These cranks use SRAM’s 8-bolt or 3-bolt interface (depending on the crankset) and are intended to be used with power and non-power SRAM AXS spiders and direct mount chainrings.  Please click Read More below for additional information as well as power meter compatibility.

Additional Sram and Quarq Crankset Info:

Road Cranksets

For road bikes, we have the SRAM RED, SRAM Force and Quarq DZero cranks. Well sell these cranksets with and without chainrings. The RED is the SRAM’s flagship crankset, featuring the lightest and stiffest carbon fiber crank arms. The Force and DZero also use carbon fiber, but are a bit more budget friendly.

You can buy the RED and Force in both DUB and GXP versions. The DZero comes in a DUB version only.

MTB Cranksets

For MTB bikes, we have the SRAM XX1 Eagle DUB Crank Arms which use an 8-bolt interface are intended for use with the Quarq SRAM XX1 Eagle DUB power meter. These cranks come in a DUB version only.

We also offer the XX1 and X01 EAGLE DUB SL Cranksets. Unlike the other cranks on this page that use an 8-bolt interface, these cranks use SRAM’s 3-bolt interface and can be used with a standard 3-bolt MTB chainring. They also fit the power2max SRAM MTB power meter.

Additionally, we carry SRAM Eagle Transmission cranksets which are compatible with SRAM’s latest Transmission drivetrain and T-Type chains. These cranksets use an 8-bolt interface and are available in 52 mm and 55 mm chainlines.

Power Meter Compatibility

All of the SRAM and Quarq cranksets on this page, with the exception of the XX1 and X01 Eagle cranksets, use an 8-bolt mounting interface. They are therefore compatible with a wide range of SRAM and Quarq power meter spiders. Please contact us if you need help figuring out which option best suits your needs.

The SRAM XX1 and X01 Eagle cranksets use a 3-bolt interface and for these we recommend the power2max NGeco SRAM MTB Power Meter. It will bolt right up to these cranksets, will measure power from both legs, is reliable, accurate and is reasonably priced. Please note, you will need to get a SRAM X-SYNC-2 104 BCD chainring to use with the power meter.

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