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What is the SRM PM9 power meter?

The SRM PowerMeter 9, or PM9 for short, is SRM’s latest power meter spider. The PM9 power meter spider costs $300 more than the PM7, however it offers a number of enhancements over the previous version, which we note SRM still continues to make.

SRM PM9 Features

The list below outlines the features available in the PM9 version:

  • Higher accuracy in very low cadence situations
  • Magnet-less cadence with built-in accelerometer
  • Left/Right power balance
  • Pedal smoothness
  • Oval chainring compatible
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Bluetooth SMART
  • iOS and Android App

Most notable on this list, in our opinion, is magnet-less cadence, Bluetooth SMART and automatic temperature compensation.


Magnet-less cadence

While magnet-based cadence measurement is considered very accurate, it’s a bit of a pain to mount a magnet on your bike to record your power meter’s cadence. SRM now joins every other power meter manufacturer with a built-in accelerometer for cadence. This just makes using your power meter easier, and we all want that.

Bluetooth SMART

As for Bluetooth, it can come in very handy for linking your power meter to a range of devices, training platforms and apps, and it’s great to see SRM now offer it with the PM9 version.

Automatic temperature compensation

Automatic temperature compensation, or ATC, keeps your power meter reading accurate, regardless of ambient temperature changes during your ride. Most power meters made today offer this technology as it makes your power meter both easier to use and more accurate.

Josh Matthew

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