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PowerPod v4 Power Meter with PowerStroke Upgrade

Josh Matthew February 11, 2021
3.67 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)


PowerStroke makes the PowerPod even better!

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PowerPod v4 Power Meter with PowerStroke Upgrade

The PowerPod v4 Power Meter with PowerStroke Upgrade isn’t your ordinary power meter. Unlike more traditional power meters that attach to your drivetrain (crank, crank arm or hubs) or pedals and measure your power using strain gauges, the PowerPod power meter attaches to your handlebars and measures your power through wind measurement. More specifically, the PowerPod uses an accelerometer, a wind pressure sensor, an elevation sensor and a speed sensor – all to measure your power.

NOTE: Requires ANT+ speed or speed/cadence sensor.


About PowerStroke

When you purchase the PowerPod, you get access to PowerPod’s free Isaac software – through which you can analyze your power data in order to help you get the most out of your training. In addition to the free Isaac software application, PowerPod offers PowerStroke, an upgraded software package. Many of you are probably familiar with left/right power measurement, a feature many direct force power meter manufacturers are adding to their meters. Well, PowerStroke takes this analysis much further.

In addition to analyzing left/right data, PowerStroke allows you to analyze your entire pedal stroke in great detail. Specifically, PowerStroke can analyze which areas of the pedal stroke your power comes from, provide measurement of front-to-back, side-to-side, and left/right wobble motion of the bicycle and determine things such as Wasted Watts, Wasted Motion, and Wasted Time caused by wobbling. PowerStroke records data at 16 times per second and at each 10 degrees of a pedal stroke. With this data, you can experiment with changes to your pedal motion, bike position and bike fit in order to improve your riding efficiency – and therefore your power and speed.

You can purchase PowerStoke at anytime for $99, however when you buy the PowerPod with the PowerStroke Upgrade together, you save $50!



Handlebar mounts:

  • Garmin/PowerPod Mount
  • Garmin/PowerPod TT Mount
  • Standard Mount

Note that you save $10 if you bundle the PowerPod with a Garmin mount.



The PowerPod with PowerStroke is compatible with any bike that has round, 31.8 mm handlebars.


In the Box

  • PowerPod v4 with PowerStroke
  • PowerPod handlebar mount
  • USB charging cable (attach to computer or USB charger)
  • Quick Start guide


PowerPod v4 PowerStroke Upgrade Specs

NamePowerPod v4 with PowerStroke
Bike TypeAll
Power Meter TypeOpposing Force Technology
Weight65 grams (including mount)
Battery TypeUSB-rechargable
Battery Life20 hours
Communication ProtocolBLE and ANT+
Accuracy+/- 3%
Warranty1 year



3 reviews for PowerPod v4 Power Meter with PowerStroke Upgrade

  1. Avatar

    Rio (verified owner)

    The Pod is exactly what I needed for my bikes. At first, the low cost and alternate measurement technology, gave me pause. After watching many you tube review videos, and with guidance from PMC, I decided to take a chance on this power meter. It was my only realistic choice because I refuse to give up speed play pedals or my hot wheels (disc). The cranks won’t move easily between 3 bikes. I need data consistency rather than accuracy to an external reference value. Pleasant surprise. The pod prints watts that are very close to my previous numbers using different equipment. The install and pairing were easy after I discovered the velocomp you tube video titled calibration ride. Activation is quick. When I want to ride, I spin the crank to wake it up … and I’m gone. It plays well with my Garmin FR 920 XT which I use for a bike computer. Have yet to try the PowerStroke or adding additional bike profiles. I expect no problems. Pod should work on my indoor trainer as well. What more could one want! PMC helped me select the correct options. I have everything I need and nothing excessive. The PMC people can guide one to the optimum meter. The pod is a perfect fit for me.

    • Power Meter City

      Power Meter City

      Hi Rio. Thanks for the GREAT review! We agree. When set up and calibrated correctly, the PowerPod Power Meter with PowerStroke is an amazing device. We hope you continue to enjoy it and we’re here if you need anything else.

  2. Avatar

    Zul Bogard (verified owner)

    After a few month survey for power meter suitable for my need, at last i found PMC and purchasing Powerpod V3 Power Meter with powerstroke upgrade. International delivery and successfully received by yesterday in good condition by DHL express. International delivery may be delayed because of pandemic covid19 around the world. Thanks PMC to give link for instructions and just successfully installed and fully function as per advertised. Powerpod V3 Power Meter save more cost compared to force power meter due to Powerpod V3 can easily change to another. Thanks PMC. Customer from Malaysia.

    • Power Meter City

      Power Meter City

      Hi Zul. We are glad you received your new PowerPod V3 on time! Looks like you are enjoying them! Good luck on your future rides and please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with!

  3. Avatar

    kyle brightbill (verified owner)

    The money you save by buying this power meter will be wasted in the time that you spend trying to get it to work properly. It is a very finicky device that requires constant recalibration, resetting, tweeking on your computer, and good luck getting it to work well on two different bikes. Cycling is a time consuming enough sport, I certainly don’t need to spend 1-2 hours extra per week babysitting bike electronics.

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