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AeroPod V5 Power Meter

Josh Matthew June 23, 2024
4.60 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
(5 customer reviews)


The only device that can simultaneously measure power AND aerodynamic drag

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AeroPod V5 Power Meter

Meet the new AeroPod V5 Power Meter, Velocomp’s latest and greatest power meter! Like the previous generation PowerPod, the AeroPod mounts on your handlebars and uses opposing force technology to measure power. Once set up and configured, it is accurate and provides loads of data through its free Isaac software. In addition, due to its unique design, it is affordable, light weight, compatible with any bike and can be moved from bike to bike.


Key Product Details


This power meter mounts to 31.8 mm handlebars (or 22 mm if used with the TT mount), and therefore works with just about any bike. This includes road, track, CX and MTB. See Compatibility tab for more information.

The AeroPod as a Standalone Power Meter:

When used on its own, the AeroPod measures and sends power data directly to your bicycle computer or head unit. In fact, in addition to an all-new slim design, the AeroPod uses a completely new generation of sensors, which makes it more accurate and consistent than its predecessor.

The AeroPod Combined with a DFPM = Power + CdA Analysis:

When used in conjunction with a direct force power meter (DFPM), the AeroPod Power Meter also provides real-time, aerodynamic drag data (or coefficient of drag – CdA). The AeroPod is the only device available that can simultaneously measure power AND aerodynamic drag!

Cyclists are increasingly focusing on improving their aerodynamics. For a given watt, the more aerodynamic you are, the faster you will go. The AeroPod provides a real-time, 3-digit measurement of your CdA as well as on-the-road measurement of time advantage. This tells you how much time you gain or lose during your ride due to changes in your position.

Power Measurement:

The AeroPod measures opposing forces, so it’s able to measure the power that is generated from both legs (rider’s total power).

Key Features:

Measures power and CdA, works with any bike, can be moved between bikes, measures a rider’s total power, 15 hours of battery life, rechargeable battery, ANT+ and Bluetooth compatibility. See Specs tab for more information.

Advice From Our Staff:

The AeroPod is a unique power meter in more ways than one. Here are some pros and considerations:

  • Pros: It’s the only power meter that can measure your power and CdA! In addition, it will mount to any bike and you can move it between bikes.
  • Considerations: Due to the way it measures wind resistance (instead of your direct power) in some cases, it won’t be as accurate. If you are using it to measure CdA, this isn’t as important because by definition, you will have a 2nd direct power meter on the bike that you can pull power from. But if you are using the AeroPod as a standalone power meter, this is a factor. In addition, it can take more work to get it set-up and configured properly.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable power meter that can measure CdA, will give you a nice approximation of your power (and is sometimes very accurate actually) and are willing to spend some time getting it set-up, then it might be a great option for you. However, if accuracy is very important to you and/or you want a power meter that is easier to use, we might suggest a different option.


AeroPod Versions


You can choose between the AeroPod+ or the AeroPod. The two versions are nearly identical, however the AeroPod+ adds Velocomp’s PowerStroke and GPS Tracker features.



1) For use as a stand-alone power meter

  • ANT+ speed or speed/cadence sensor (needed for basic operation)
  • ANT+ bike computer or smart phone (serves as the head unit or read-out device for your power and cadence)

2) For use as a power meter including CdA measurement

  • ANT+ speed or speed/cadence sensor (needed for basic operation)
  • Direct force power meter (dual leg versions recommended)
  • One of the following head units (serves as the head unit or read-out device for your power, cadence and CdA):
    • Garmin Edge bike computer with IQ Connect app


This power meter mounts to 31.8 mm handlebars (or 22 mm if used with the TT mount), and therefore works with just about any bike. This includes road, track, CX and MTB.

AeroPod V5 Power Meter Specs

NameAeroPod V5 Power Meter
Bike TypeAll
Location of Power MeasurementHandlebars
Left or Both Legs MeasuredBoth
Independent Left/Right MeasurementNo
Communication ProtocolANT+ and Bluetooth SMART
Claimed Accuracy+/- 3.0%
Weight40 grams
Battery TypeUSB Rechargeable
Battery Life15 hours
Method of Cadence MeasurementCadence Sensor
Warranty1 year

In the Box

  • AeroPod V5 Power Meter with pitot tube
  • Standard Mount or upgraded mount if purchased
  • USB charging cable (attach to computer or USB charger)
  • Quick Start Guide

Tools Needed for Installation

  • All tools required for installation provided in the box
5 reviews for AeroPod V5 Power Meter
  1. Marvin Bobo (verified owner)

    Why 4 stars. Level set. I am about a 90 mile per week rider in 3 rides a week and I do not try to push myself too much as I am an older rider and try to rid without pain. However, what I want is a functional power meter to tell me how I am averaging regardless of wind direction because I ride a lot of the same maps all the time and the winds are changing all the time. This fits the bill as not too expensive and I am not willing to invest a grand or more on upgrading the bikes. The good. Price/Performance sweet spot for me. Works great with Garmin head units. I can tell it is giving me correct relative numbers because into the wind and uphill deliver stronger power numbers than with the wind or downhill. It understands when I am cranking and when I am not so that it is not delivering power when I am not exerting. It will move from bike to bike. The bad. Instruction manual is lacking if you do it wrong the first time. Still a bit unclear when you switch bikes. Also should the mount I bought for it be perfectly level so the unit is pointed slightly down (how much is slightly down?). Main reason I messed up is I was going to use my phone as the head unit and connected things bluetooth first. What I didn’t understand was the power meter took in the connection to the speed and cadence devices via ANT+ and then sent that along with the power to the head unit via BLE. You have to have the right app to get it all right. Unfortunately the one I use (Strava and Bike with GPS had issues with this setup). I had a different mental picture and that led to confusion. I did call support, still unclear and even though it was after hours they called me back (big kudos to Tom!). It turns out using your phone as the head unit is challenging. They politely encouraged me to head over and get a head unit (garmin, etc) that supported ANT+. So glad I did – that all was easy peasy. I now put my phone in my pocket and don’t think about it. The tech guy was awesome but the product setup not so much. I cannot tell the difference between the colors on the unit with any kind of sunlight involved. Switching bikes is a little bit of a pain. However it is a good compromose and I accept that compromise. Also – if you stop for any period of time it will disconnect and I have to remember to hit the power button to wake it back up. I usually take a break mid ride and chat with the group and it can sometimes last long. 5 stars if they change the LED to be more recognizable and update the instruction manual. I still recommend it. Needs some polish.

    • Power Meter City

      Hi Marvin. We really appreciate you taking the time to leave such a thorough review. We’re glad you are enjoying your PowerPod and your notes about the LED and manual are well received. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do!

  2. Kate (verified owner)

    so far, it seems to work great !! it took a while to set up, but i’m very happy with it. and the PMC service was very very helpful. thanks guys, no complaints at all !!

    • Power Meter City

      Hi Kate. Thanks for this amazing review. We are glad it work great – We hope you continue to enjoy them and we are here if there is anything else we can do. Thanks!

  3. Ken Martin

    This was the first power meter that I have purchased and it is a great product. Very easy to set up and it works as advertised.

    • Power Meter City

      Hi Ken. Thanks for the review on your AeroPod. These are such powerful devices and we’re glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

  4. steve (verified owner)

    Set up takes a bit of time. It would help if light and light colors were more easily visible. I’ve been using Aeropod for 6 weeks or so. Power recordings are consistent from day to day and average power recorded is in the ballpark of calculated average power. I have had problems with it stopping recording on occasional instances and this is frustrating. I will be 20 miles into a ride and the Aeropod no longer registers changes in power but instead shows 0 W for remainder of ride. It is also slow to respond to changes in effort and takes around 15 or 20 seconds to adjust to alterations in effort. This is somewhat annoying for interval training but I expected this type of delay with this type of power meter. I thought I would give it a try though because it is so much less expensive than most direct force power meters.

    With a bit more experience with the Aeropod+ I would raise my rating to a 4 star…it should perhaps be a 5 star. The set up would be easier if the light colors were easier to see and I still find the delay from the time of effort change until when this effort is registered by the power meter to be annoying. Over a long effort this isn’t an issue, but I don’t like that delay when doing interval training. If I would have known about this, I probably would have purchased another type of power meter. This is my first experience training with a power meter, so I learned something. The numbers registered by the power meter are very consistent and the Isaac software provides lots of ways to look the recorded data. I was having problems with the Velopod+ stopping in mid-ride. I contacted Velocomp technical support and they had me reset the Aeropod+ and it has worked well since. I would give Velocomp technical support a 5 star rating. They have consistently responded quickly, sometimes within minutes, when I have posed a question. BTW…support I’ve received from PowerMeter City is also 5 star.

    • Power Meter City

      Hi Steve. Thanks for leaving us an updated review (we merged both of your reviews into one). I’m glad you’re continuing to get the AeroPod figured out and are finding it useful. It’s a powerful little device, but takes some getting used to. We are here if there is anything else that you need!

  5. Yuji (verified owner)

    Communication and shipment was good, friendly and speedy. It takes a bit longer time to set up the device to connect with a GARMIN but it was OK.

    • Power Meter City

      Hi Yuji. Thanks for the review. Feedback is starting to come in on the AeroPod and so far, so good. There are some 3rd party videos on YouTube where people are doing to some cool testing with it. Please let us know if you need anything else from us!

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