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power2max NGeco Colored Decals

Josh Matthew October 17, 2021
5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
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Customize the look of your power2max NGeco power meter!

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power2max NGeco Colored Decals

The power2max NGeco Colored Decals allow you to quickly and easily customize the look of your NGeco power meter. The NGeco decals are available in black, red, white, blue and green.

2 reviews for power2max NGeco Colored Decals
  1. DD (verified owner)

    I bought these to swap out the default black stickers that came with my power2max NGeco. It was really easy to swap the stickers. I just briefly applied heat to the black stickers with a heat gun (I’m sure a hair dryer will work too) and it peeled right off. Then, thanks to the thickness of these stickers and the recession in the power meter, it was easy to get the new stickers aligned.

    The white stickers contrast very nicely with my all-black bike.

  2. John (verified owner)

    I have ordered two different colored stickers for my Power2max. Each time they shipped it quickly. The first color was blue but didn’t match my color scheme. The second was white colored which goes with anything.

    • Power Meter City

      Thanks for this John. If there is anything else we can do please let us know! Ride safe!

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