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Garmin Vector 3S Power Meter Pedals

Josh Matthew February 17, 2018


An affordable, single-sided version of Garmin’s latest Vector 3 pedal


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About the Garmin Vector 3S Power Meter Pedals

The Garmin Vector 3S Power Meter Pedals are a single-sided version of the dual-sided Vector 3 power meter. Just like the Vector 3, the Vector 3S features new, easy installation, an improved slimmer design, as well as dual ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART compatibility.

However, like other left-sided power meter systems, the Vector 3S measures the forces specifically on the left pedal. The Vector 3S doubles this force or torque figure in order to calculate total power. With the Vector 3S, you get the technology, performance and convenience of Garmin’s Vector 3, but at a more affordable price. In addition, you can always upgrade your 3S system to a dual-sided system at any time by purchasing the Garmin Vector 3S Upgrade Pedal.


Garmin Vector 3S Options

The Garmin Vector is available in two options:

  • Dual-sided Garmin Vector 3 for $999.99
  • Single-sided Garmin Vector 3S for $599.99


In the Box

  • Vector 3S pedals
  • Cleats and hardware
  • Manuals



NameGarmin Vector 3S
Power Meter TypePedal
Type: GaugeStrain
Weight162 grams (each pedal)
Stack Height12.2 mm
Battery TypeLR44/SR44 (x2)
Battery Life120-150 hours (based on settings)
Rider Weight Limit231 lbs.
Individual L/R Power BalanceNo
Communication ProtocolANT+ and Bluetooth SMART
Claimed Accuracy+/- 1.0%
Spindle Length53 mm


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