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Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Power Meter Pedals

Josh Matthew May 30, 2023


Industry-leading power meter tech combined with the aerodynamics of the Speedplay platform!

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Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Power Meter Pedals

The Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Power Meter Pedals are the first ever power meter to feature Speedplay compatibility! Available in both dual- and single-sided versions, the POWRLINK ZERO Pedals are a quick and easy way for Speedplay users to add power to their road bike. Featuring +/- 1.0% accuracy, a rechargeable battery with 75 hour life and auto-zero technology, the pedals have the latest in power meter cycling technology.  They also support both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart functionality so you can use them with any bike computer, phone or your favorite training app!


Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Pedal Highlights

Speedplay Compatible

The Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO pedals are the only power meter pedals that use Speedplay cleats!

Dual-Sided Power

With a power sensor on each pedal, the POWRLINK ZEROs can measure true left and right power data.

ANT+ & Bluetooth SMART

With ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART, the pedals work with any bike computer, GPS watch, smart phone or tablet.

Highly Accurate

These Wahoo pedals feature +/- 1.0% accuracy, making them one of the most accurate power meters you can buy.


The Wahoo POWRLINK ZEROs use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which provides up to 75-hours of life.

Easy to Install & Transfer

Installing is easy! Grab an Allen key, screw them on and you’re ready to go. You can also move them from bike to bike!

Accurate Power!Wahoo POWRLINK Power Meter Pedals Accurate Power

POWRLINK ZERO’s internal gyroscope removes cadence variation so the pedals can measure your precise power output, accurate to +/- 1.0%. When combined with Wahoo’s sports-science based algorithms, you get extremely accurate power values you can trust!


Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Power Meter Pedals Power BalanceTotal Power + Left/Right Power Balance

With a power sensor in each pedal, the POWRLINK ZERO Dual is able to accurately measure your total power. In addition, the dual-sided POWRLINK ZERO can measure the power that is generated by each leg individually. Knowing your left/right power balance can help you correct any dominant/non-dominant leg discrepancies, recover from injury and reach your full potential.


Temperature CompensationWahoo POWRLINK ZERO Pedals TemperatureCompensation

Changes in temperature during a ride can cause your power meter data to drift, as the strain gauges within your power sensors expand or contract. However, the Wahoo pedals feature active temperature compensation. This technology, your POWRLINK pedals constantly adjust to changes  changes in temperature when ensures the pedals accurately track your power data even on ride with large changes in elevation and temperature.


Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Power Meter Battery ChargingRechargeable Battery

These pedals feature a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 75 hours per charge! This means you can do days without having to worry about your power meter battery. Also, when it’s time to charge, simply connect the included charge cables to your spindles for a fast and full re-charge.


LED IndicatorsWahoo POWRLINK ZERO Power Meter Pedals LED Indicators

Visible LED lights at the base of POWRLINK ZEROs spindle display power, connection and low battery charge status. This means you can ride confidently knowing your power data is being transmitted and tracked.

POWRLINK ZERO Power Meter Compatibility

Bike: The Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Power Meter Pedals are compatible with any road or indoor bike.

Cleats: The power meter uses Speedplay cleats. The pedals ship with a set of Standard Tension Cleats and cleat surrounds for an aerodynamic profile and walkable system.

Wahoo POWRLINK Power Meter Specs

NameWahoo POWRLINK ZERO Pedals
Bike TypeRoad
Location of Power MeasurementPedal
Left or Both Legs MeasuredDual - Both. Single - Right
Independent Left/Right MeasurementDual - Yes. Single - No
Communication ProtocolANT+ and Bluetooth SMART
Claimed Accuracy+/- 1.0%
Active Temp. CompensationYes
Cleat TypeSpeedplay
WeightDual - 276 grams. Single - 250 grams
Battery TypeRechargeable lithium ion
Battery LifeUp to 75 hours
Method of Cadence MeasurementAccelerometer
Rider Weight Limit250 lbs.
Stack Height13 mm
Warranty1 year
Spindle Length55 mm

In the Box

  • Wahoo POWRLINK ZERO Power Meter Pedals (Dual or Single based on order)
  • Standard Tension Cleats
  • Washer (x2)
  • Cleat Assembly
  • Cleat Spacer
  • Screw Packet
  • Charging Cable and Clips
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Important Product Information Guide

Tools Needed for Installation

You will need the following tools for installation of this product. You can purchase many of these commonly used tools in our store.

  • #1 and #2 Philips Head Screwdriver
  • 8mm Allen Wrench

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