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Favero Power Meters

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Favero makes one of our most popular power meters – the Assioma. The DUO measures left and right leg power, while the UNO measures left leg power only. In addition to being the most affordable power meter pedal, the Assioma is accurate to within 1.0%, features a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth SMART. It also has a wonderful track record of reliability.

Additional Information:

Both the Assioma DUO and UNO are a breeze to install. Simply grab an 8 mm hex wrench and screw them on – just like a normal pedal. This also allows them to be moved between bikes quickly and easily. Once installed, Favero power meters do have some unique set-up steps such as registering them with the app taking a quick ride to set the installation angles. Its easy stuff and is outlined in the manual so be sure to give it a quick read.

The Assioma is the lightest power meter pedal available, weighing in at 149.5 grams per pedal.

Power Measurement
The Assioma DUO measures both legs and also measures independent left/right leg power. The Assioma UNO measures left leg power and like all left-side power meters, doubles the left leg value to approximate total power.

Favero power meters use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Battery life is around the 50-hour mark, which is good for a rechargeable battery.

Communication Protocol
Favero power meters transmit data via both the ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART wireless protocols. This means they are compatible with just about any bicycle computer. You can also use a smart phone or tablet as your head unit.

Featuring IAV Power Technology, Favero power meters are accurate to within +/- 1.0%. This is on par (to slightly better) than the majority of other power meters on the market.

Cadence Detection
Like most power meters, the Assioma DUO and UNO use an accelerometer to measure cadence. This means you don’t have to worry about attaching a magnet to your frame.

Favero power meters come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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