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What cleats do Favero use?

Favero Assioma Power Meter pedals use LOOK Keo style 3-bolt road cleats. Specifically, both the Assioma DUO and UNO come with red 6 degree float cleats, pictured below. You also have the option of buying fixed (0 degree float black) cleats to use with the power meter as well.

Favero Assioma and bePRO Cleats - 6 Degree (Red)

Favero Assioma 6 Degree (Red) Float Cleats

If you prefer to use LOOK Keo original cleats, good news! Both LOOK Keo Road Cleats and LOOK Keo Grip Road Cleats can also be used with the Favero Assioma power meters.

Josh Matthew

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