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I have a Praxis road crankset. Can I use a power2max power meter?

power2max makes wonderful power meters. We use them on a number of our own bikes here. They measure power from both legs, are super reliable, accurate and are reasonably priced. However, not all Praxis cranksets can fit a power2max. (All current versions will work with a power2max, but some of the older versions will not.)

power2max NGeco Praxis Road Power Meter. 110 BCD

power2max NGeco Praxis Road Power Meter


You Must Have a Praxis Direct Mount Crankset

Specifically, if your Praxis crankset uses the 3-bolt direct mount interface, then a power2max NGeco Praxis Road Power Meter will work. Direct mount cranksets (left image) have drive-side crank arms that can be removed from the crankset. They can also be identified by 3 bolts located on the inside of the spider which are used to secure the drive-side crank arm to the spider. All current version Praxis cranksets are direct mount. This includes both the ALBA and Zayante road and gravel cranksets.

Praxis Direct Mount vs. Standard Crankset

Two more notes…

1. Some Praxis cranksets come equipped with direct mount chainrings, while others come with LevaTime 160/104 BCD chainrings. In either case, you will need to purchase new Praxis Works Buzz Road Chainrings or Praxis Works Buzz Sport Road Chainrings as direct mount or LevaTime chainrings won’t work with a power2max power meter. If you are not sure if your current chainrings will fit, please contact us so we can help.

2. Please also note the smallest inner ring that will fit on this power meter is a 34T. It is not compatible with Praxis 48/32 chain rings.


Upgrade to Praxis Direct Mount

If your Praxis crankset is not direct mount, you can upgrade your crankset to a direct mount version. We carry the full line of Praxis cranksets. Some of these cranksets, such as the Zayante, allow you to order just the crank arms which is perfect as the chainrings that come with these cranksets won’t fit the power2max. You would then order Praxis Works Buzz Road Chainrings and would have everything you need!


Other Praxis Power Meter Options

If your Praxis crankset is not direct mount are not interested in upgrading it, we would refer to you this article for other power meter options: What power meter will work on a Praxis road crankset?

Josh Matthew

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