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What power meter will work on a Praxis road crankset?

Here are your options for a Praxis road crankset, based on the version of your crankset.


Crankset Power Meter (Spider Based)

Our go-to power meter for Praxis cranksets is the power2max Praxis Road Power Meter. It’s accurate, durable, measures the power from both legs, is reasonably priced and allows you to keep your current Praxis crankset.

The power2max Praxis Road Power Meter is compatible with the new Praxis direct mount cranksets: Zayante M30, Alba M30 and Zayante Carbon M30. These cranks can be identified by 3 bolts located on the inside of the spider which are used to secure the spider to the crank arm. Please see the image below. Unfortunately, if your Praxis crankset does not use this interface, the power2max will not work.

Also, please note, the smallest ring that will fit on this power meter is a 34T. It is not compatible with with Praxis 48/32 chain rings.

SRAM 3-bolt Interface on MTB crankset

Pros: Moderately priced, VERY reliable, don’t have to change crankset, measures both legs
Cons: None


Power Meter Pedals

Power meter pedals can be installed on your crankset regardless of what version you have. We have several power meter pedals to choose from.

Pros: Easy to install, works on any bike, can move from bike to bike, don’t have to change crankset
Cons: None

Power Meter City

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