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I am having trouble with my new 4iiii power meter. What should I do?

If you are having trouble with your new 4iiii power meter, please try the following steps:

1) Update your cycling computer to the latest firmware.

Connect to the 4iiii app (iOS – 2.4.0; Android – 2.6.0) and ensure you have updated the power meter with the latest firmware (3.2.0). This includes the Chipolo Tracking feature. Ensure that your phone is connected to Wifi.

2) Perform a Factory Reset via the 4iiii App to restore factory calibration values:

  • Connect to your power meter by Adding Device
  • Advance to the Device Settings Page by tapping the power meter field/box
  • Under PRECISION Settings, tap Factory Reset

3) Open your battery cap and gently nudge the two copper battery contacts with your finger to make sure they are well attached. There should be a little one near the edge, and a large rectangular one in the center.

Battery contacts on inside of 4iiii battery compartment

If it looks like the large rectangular one is flat against the bottom, use a jeweller’s screwdriver or similar tool to very gently lift the ends of the prongs 1mm off the bottom of the pod, so that they press against the battery more firmly.

Inside of battery compartment on 4iiii power meter

Then, place an upside down (+ terminal down) battery into the pod so that it touches both of the battery contacts for a few seconds before reinstalling the battery in the correct orientation. This will remove any residual charge.

4) Check the battery cap to ensure the metal clip is present:

Battery contacts on 4iiii power meter battery door

5) Check locking tabs on body are undamaged:

Locking tabs on 4iiii power meter battery compartment

6) Connect to your cycling computer:

Ensure power meter is awake (spin 4 times)

  • Make sure you are paired to Left ANT+ ID
  • Remove other ANT+ sensors from the cycling computer
Josh Matthew


  1. Tom-V

    My 4iiii Precision 3+ (left-crank PM), shows extreme values since my last 2 rides (e.g. >1500w for significant parts of my ride). Contacted 4iii and they suggest to follow the steps below:

    Hope this helps, no guarantees;), I still need to perform these steps.

    Let’s experiment to determine if your powermeter is faulty or if the issue lays with your other connected devices. Here is what I would like for you to try out:

    Starting with your smart phone:
    1) Open the 4iiii app and remove any previously paired powermeters.
    2) Delete the 4iiii app from your phone.
    3) Power cycle off/on your phone.
    3) Re-install the 4iiii app.

    On your cycling computer:
    1) Delete any paired powermeters.
    2) Check for an update any firmware needed (this may need to be done via your home computer).
    3) Power cycle off/on your cycling computer.

    On your bike:
    1) Open the lid and remove the battery.
    2) With a new CR2032 battery, install it upside down placing the + onto the brass contacts. Hold for 5 seconds.
    Note: This is a hard reset of your device. It works similarly to ‘force quitting’ a program on your computer by breaking any ghost connections and restoring the factory settings.
    3) Install battery normally and close the cap.

    Now we are going to build back up your connection to the powermeter and test function:
    1) Open the 4iiii app. Spin cranks 10-15 times to wake up the device.
    Search and pair your powermeter to the 4iiii app.
    2) Perform a zero-offset with your left crank down in the 6 o’clock position.
    Note: ‘Failure to Zero Offset’ or ‘Error 20’ indicates that the powermeter has developed a fault. Screen shot this and reply to me along with your receipt from purchase. If successful, please carry on to test rides below.

    Test ride 1 – <15min steady state (no erg mode if riding indoors):
    Record your ride with only the 4iiii app (BLE signal).
    No other connected devices please.
    Download .Fit file and send to 4iiii

    Test ride 2 – <15min steady state (no erg mode if riding indoors):
    Record you ride connected to your cycling computer (ANT+ signal).
    No other connected devices please.
    Download .Fit file and send to 4iiii.

    Note: if you like, you can record Test Ride 1 & 2 together simultaneously using both your phone/4iii app and the cycling computer.

    Test ride 3 – <15min steady state (no erg mode if riding indoors):

    If the above rides were successful (no drop outs) then choose your preferred recording method (4iiii app or cycling computer) and pair your HRM. Ride on!

  2. Hans Luijendijk


    Did all of the above , but Powermeter does’nt react.

    Any other suggestions?


    1. Dave Harris

      Hi ,

      Thank you for the message.

      I’m sorry to hear about the problem with your 4iiii power meter.

      This is a situation that requires manufacturer support so we would suggest contacting 4iiii so they can assist you. In addition, if your power meter needs to be fixed or replaced, you have a warranty on it through 4iiii so they would be the ones to help with that.

      You can reach them here. Their support team is very helpful. When contacting them, please ask for Wriley Bell and tell them you bought the power meter from Power Meter City.

      If you need any information from us such as a copy of your order receipt, or if there is anything else we can do, please let us know. We are here to help.

      Thank you,

    2. B Wilson

      I have the exact same issue with a recently installed 4iii power meter.

      I own a 4iiii from a couple years ago and it is ok.

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