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Can I put a power meter on my bike?

Yes, you can put a power meter on virtually any bike. A power meter is simply a bike component that is sold separately and can be installed on any bike at any time. The key is to find a power meter that is compatible with your bike.


Types of Power Meters

There are 4 main different types of power meters. The “type” refers to where on the bike the power meter is located and measures power. The 4 main types are:

  1. Crankset
  2. Spider
  3. Pedal
  4. Crank arm

Crankset power meters, spider power meters and crank arm power meters are only compatible with certain bikes, components or drivetrains. Chances are good that one of these models will fit your bike, however you just need to do some quick research (or ask us!) to ensure you get the correct one.

Pedal power meters will install on any bike. They just screw on like a normal set of pedals. This also makes moving them from bike to bike easy. There are power meter pedals you clip into (clipless pedals), as well as flat power meter pedals.


Don’t Forget a Bike Computer!

Power meters measure your power as you ride, and send the power data (watts) in real-time to a handlebar-mounted bike computer or a GPS watch worn on your wrist. So this piece of equipment is a must-have if you wish to use a power meter. However, if you have been riding for any length of time, you might already have this as they are also used to track things like time, distance, speed, etc. If you already have one, just make sure it is power meter compatible. While most are, some older or very inexpensive models are not.

Josh Matthew


  1. Imran Hayee


    I have a trek dual sport 2 gen 5 bike. Is there any power meter option other than pedal option available for my bike?

    Thank you.

    1. Dave Harris

      Hi and thanks for the great question.

      As this may take a little back and forth between us, I have sent you an email to start up our power meter conversation.


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