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Stages Carbon GXP for SRAM MTB Power Meter

Josh Matthew April 25, 2024
4.67 out of 5 based on 6 customer ratings
(6 customer reviews)

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Made specifically to work SRAM 1x and 2x GXP MTB cranks

Please see our note below on Stages Rider Support

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Stages Carbon GXP for SRAM MTB Power Meter

The Stages Carbon GXP for SRAM MTB Power Meter is a Stages carbon crank arm, made to work on SRAM 1x and 2x GXP mountain cranks. Like all Stages power meters, this unit features +/- 1.5% accuracy and 200 hours of battery life. It is also lightweight at only 15 grams of added weight. The power meter works with both ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART devices, which means you can use it with your favorite bike computer or smartphone. Installation is also easy as you just need to swap the power meter out for your current left side crank arm.

The new Stages Generation 3 power meter features radio antennas that are 6x more powerful than the previous version. This means better compatibility with both bike computers and watches. The new versions also feature improved accuracy and have an LED indicator light for improved ease of use.


~Stages Rider Support~

It has come to our attention that Stages no longer has the resources to offer product support or warranty services. That said, if purchasing a Stages product, we do our best to answer product or troubleshooting-related questions. Knowing this, please shop Stages products assuming there may not be any future manufacturer support. Please note that Power Meter City cannot facilitate any warranty services.


Key Product Details


This Stages power meter is made to work SRAM 1x and 2x GXP MTB cranksets. Please see Compatibility tab for more information.

Power Measurement:

This Stages power meter measures left leg power and doubles the value to account for both legs (assumes both legs are generating the same force).

Key Features:

Affordable, accurate to within +/- 1.5%, lightweight at only 15 grams of added weight, 200+ hours of battery life, CR2032 user-replaceable battery, ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible, easy to install. See Specs tab for more information.

Advice From Our Staff:

Stages left side crank arms are some of our best-selling units. They are affordable and easy to install. The one consideration is they only measure left leg power compared to some other power meters that measure power from both legs (those versions usually cost more however).


Options For This Power Meter

Crank arm lengths: This power meter is available in the following crank arm lengths:

  • 170 mm | 175 mm


Crankset: This Stages power meter is made to work SRAM 1x and 2x GXP mountain cranks with a 168 mm Q factor.

Check Frame Clearance: Crank-arm based power meters like this one attach a sensor on the inside of the left crank arm. On some bikes, there is not enough room between the left crank arm and the chainstay for the sensor to clear the frame. Therefore, you should make sure you have at least 10 mm of clearance between the left crank arm and the chainstay - and that you don't have a bottom bracket mounted rear brake (used on some aero and TT bikes). The important area to measure is right in the middle of the crank arm. Please refer to the image below.

If you find that you have around 7-9 mm of clearance, what many people will do is simply install a 1 or 2 mm bottom bracket spacer (between the left crank arm and the frame), which will give them the clearance they need.The clearance between the frame and left side power meter crank arm

Stages Carbon GXP for SRAM MTB Specs

NameStages Carbon GXP SRAM MTB
Bike TypeMTB
Location of Power MeasurementCrank Arm
Left or Both Legs MeasuredLeft only
Independent Left/Right MeasurementNo
Crank Arm MaterialCarbon
Communication ProtocolANT+ and Bluetooth SMART
Claimed Accuracy+/- 1.5%
Automatic Temp. CompensationYes
Weight15 grams (added weight)
Battery TypeCR2032 coin cell
Battery Life200+ hours
Method of Cadence MeasurementAccelerometer
Warranty1 year

In the Box

  • Stages Power Meter
  • 2032 coin cell battery
  • Quick Start guide

Tools Needed for Installation

You will need the following tools for installation of this product. You can purchase many of these commonly used tools in our store.

  • 8 mm Allen key

Common Questions and Answers

Question: How do I determine what length my current cranks are so I can make sure I get the same size?

  • Your crank arm length should be printed or stamped on the inside of the left crank arm, usually near the pedal end.

End of crank arm showing crank arm length

6 reviews for Stages Carbon GXP for SRAM MTB Power Meter
  1. John Enriquez (verified owner)

    Great guys and support. Can actually get someone on the line. Easy ordering, fast shipping.
    Both bikes run GXP xx1 170mm cranks so went Stages GXP MTB 170mm. So far so good.
    xx1 170mm – 182g, Stages 170mm – 217g

    A Stages crank arm on a Park Tools scale weighing 217 grams.

  2. starfighter65 (verified owner)

    This is a very good powermeter. I bought it a couple of months ago and have been using it for about a month. At first it was a bit tricky to make it work properly, cause I did not read the instruction and forgot to make an initial calibration before the first ride, so the data it showed at first was a bit erratic. But after I finally calibrated it (which is very easy using the application that comes with it) everything turned out to work propely. The advice I would give to the new users of Stages Powermeter, – if you, guys, want to make the figures less erratic just use the power indication duration for at least 3 sec. (I use for 10 sec.) to mitigate the spikes that sometimes may occur when you use it. This will make the figures more accurate and readable during the ride. Anyway, this is a very accurate device, I can assure you I have compared it with my first powermeter that I am using recently (it is a powerpod powermeter), Stages crank arm powermeter is a direct force powermeter, hence it gives much more accurate data directly from your crank. So I’m quite satisfied with this excellent product and the servise I got from PowermeterCity shop including direct sale and quick delivery to Russia, which took about 3 weeks.

    • Power Meter City

      Hi! Agreed! Thanks for this detailed and awesome review on the Stages Carbon GXP for SRAM MTB Power Meter. We are glad it work fine as expected. Good luck on your future rides! Let us know if there is anything else we can do!

  3. Tim (verified owner)

    Great power meter. Works perfect with my SRAM MTB cranks. App setup, calibration and connection was super simple. Accuracy and reliability is why I chose Stages.

    • Power Meter City

      Hi Tim. Thanks for the review of your Stages Carbon GXP MTB. We hope you continue to enjoy it and we are here if there is anything else we can do.

  4. Steven Scott

    had this about six months or so, reads solid, fits perfectly, battery life was a lot better than i expected. What more could you want? Only dinging it a star as the end of the arm is a bit longer and thicker than the XX1, doesn’t change functionality, or even looks really, but would have expected a closer-to-perfect match.

    • Power Meter City

      Hi Steven. Thanks for taking the time to leave us a quick review on your Stages GXP MTB power meter. We hope you continue to enjoy it and we are here if there is anything else we can help you with!

  5. CODY MURRAY (verified owner)

    So far so good with this power. Data reads very well. I wish it came with a crank arm boot though – I had to fashion one out of a SRAM one. Note that the total crank arm length is longer than usual; the pedal hole is the right spot but arm extends a little father down under it, making it hard to find a crank boot that fits. Why wouldn’t Stages include one? Every carbon crank I’ve had has come with them. Otherwise, a great product.

    • Power Meter City

      Hi Cody. Thanks for the review and I’m glad you are enjoying your power meter. We have requested that Stages add boots to these power meters. In the meantime, please let us know if there is anything else we can do!

  6. Ivan Glaznev (verified owner)

    This is already my second MTB power meter from Stages. First one was Sram X9 and lasted for 5 years from 2013 to 2018. Will see how long the second one would survive. Excellent service from PowermeterCity shop including direct sale and quick delivery to Russia!

    • Power Meter City

      Hi Ivan. Thanks for the review. We trust your new Stages will last just as long as your previous one! We are here if there is anything else we can do.

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