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4iiii PRECISION Factory Install

Josh Matthew December 26, 2021
4.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)


Convert your current crankset into a 4iiii power meter!

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4iiii PRECISION Factory Install

The 4iiii PRECISION Factory Install option allows you to convert your current left crank arm into a 4iiii power meter. Offered in the PRECISION (CR2032) version, this factory install option is available for a variety of existing crank arms (full list below).

Here’s How it Works:

  1. After purchasing, we will send you a 4iiii Factory Install box along with a prepaid shipping label for you to mail your crank arm into 4iiii
  2. Using the same state-of-the-art manufacturing process 4iiii uses for its ride-ready units, a new power meter sensor will be installed on your crank arm
  3. When complete (usually around two weeks), you’ll receive your original crank arm with power meter installed right back to your front door



The 4iiii Factory Install is available in both the PRECISION model for the following left crank arms:


  • DURA-ACE FC-9200
  • DURA-ACE FC-9100
  • DURA-ACE FC-9000
  • Ultegra FC-6700
  • Ultegra FC-R8000
  • Ultegra FC-6800
  • 105 FC-R7000
  • 105 FC-5700
  • 105 FC-5800
  • XTR FC-M9020
  • XTR FC-M9000
  • XTR FC-M9100
  • XTR FC-M9120
  • XTR FC-M980
  • XTR FC-M985
  • XT FC-M8000
  • XT FC-M8100
  • XT FC-M8120
  • XT FC-M780
  • XT FC-M782
  • XT FC-M785
  • GRX FC-RX810


  • RED 22 (Carbon)
  • RED 22 AXS (Carbon)
  • Force (Carbon)
  • Force AXS (Carbon)
  • XX1 (Carbon)
  • X01 (Carbon)
  • Rival OCT


  • Potenza
  • Record 11-Speed (Carbon)
  • Super Record 11-Speed (Carbon)


  • Hollowgram Si/SL
  • Hollowgram SiSL/2


  • Zayante Alloy M30 Turn
  • Zayante Alloy M30


  • Energy
  • SLK LIGHT (Carbon)
  • K-FORCE (Carbon) (K-Force Light NOT Compatible)


  • Hollow-Forced Al


Please confirm your crank arm/bike has clearance for a crank arm power meter by checking your frame clearance. All sales are final. U.S. and Canada shipping addresses only.

Image showing the clearance between the frame and left side power meter crank arm

Timing Update

Please note, due to the fact your crank arm gets sent to Canada and back, combined with install times at 4iiii, we are seeing turnaround times for factory install power meters of around a month. There is nothing we can do to shorten this timing as we are never in possession of your crank arm, however we do like to make sure customers are aware of this before ordering.

4iiii PRECISION Factory Install Specs

Name4iiii Power Meter
Bike TypeRoad and MTB
Location of Power MeasurementCrank Arm
Left or Both Legs MeasuredLeft
Independent Left/Right MeasurementNo
Communication ProtocolANT+ and Bluetooth SMART
Claimed Accuracy+/- 1.0%
Weight20 grams (added weight per sensor)
Battery TypeCR2032
Battery Life200+ hours
Method of Cadence MeasurementAccelerometer
Warranty3 years

In the Box Once Completed

  • 4iiii Power Meter
  • 2032 coin cell battery
  • Quick Start guide
3 reviews for 4iiii PRECISION Factory Install
  1. Stephan (verified owner)

    First I wanted to thank Josh and his staff, they are responsive, very nice and extremely helpful. After changing my mind and deciding to order the factory installed 4iiii, I received an email from Josh stating the fact that it could take a little longer than usual due to the current condition (Covid-19). After telling him that I was fully aware of the situation and potential longer time frame, I received the mailing label via email. I was expecting at least a 4 to 6 weeks time frame to receive my left crank back from 4iiii. Well, it took less than two weeks from the time I received the shipping label from Josh to the time I received my crank. To put it in perspective, 4iiii received my crank on 10/20/20 and I received my crank back on 10/28/20. I took literally 4iiii less than a week. I couldn’t be happier. I only wish all the online stores were doing business like PMC. I would highly recommend not only PMC but 4iiii as well. Thank you again, ride safe and all please be safe and respect others by wearing a mask.

    • Power Meter City

      Hi Stephan. Thanks for this kind review! We also want to thank you for being a great customer. We are glad too you finally have your 4iiii left crankarm. Good luck on your future rides! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do! Stay safe!

  2. jw (verified owner)

    I ordered the factory install and shipped out my crank on August 19th. Currently it is September 6th and it still has not arrived at the 4iiii destination in Canada. I was told the total install process might stretch to 3 weeks due to COVID but it’s already been 3 weeks and my crank has not even been delivered to 4iiii to begin the install process. Very frustrated.

    • Power Meter City

      Hi JW. Thanks for the review. To be fair, this process takes well over a month as your crank arm goes to 4iii, gets installed and ships back. It looks like in our correspondence with you we pointed this out right from the very beginning. Also, please understand that Power Meter City has no control over timing of the factory install as your crank arm never comes to us – it’s in the hands of the carrier and 4iiii, which we also made clear when you ordered. We truly hope your power meter is completed and sent back as soon as possible!

  3. Elliot Grothe (verified owner)

    After even just 2 weeks, having this on your mtb is awesome. Reliable, perfectly hidden, no issues at all, and a great add-on for anyone, especially if you want to train more on the mtb. Can’t go wrong with this!

    • Power Meter City

      Hi Elliot. Agreed! You can’t really go wrong! – Glad it worked perfectly fine! We hope you continue to enjoy them and we are here if there is anything else we can do!

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