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What power meters have auto-zero?

It is important that you calibrate (zero-offset) your power meter before every ride. This only takes a few seconds to do and it helps ensure that your power meter will be as accurate as possible. However, some power meters feature auto-zero. With this feature, you don’t need to worry about manually zero-offsetting your power meter before you ride. This is because power meters with auto-zero functionality automatic zero-offset the power meter for you, usually every time you coast for a few seconds during your ride. While it is still possible to perform a zero-offset with these power meters using your bike computer, it really is not necessary.

The following power meters have auto-zero functionality:

  • Favero
  • FSA
  • Garmin
  • power2max
  • Quarq/SRAM
  • Sigeyi
Josh Matthew

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