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How do I determine which version of SRAM Rival AXS Power Meter I need?

The SRAM Rival AXS Power Meter Crank Arm comes in two versions: Regular and Wide. The Regular version fits most road bikes, whereas the Wide version uses a longer spindle and is meant for bikes with larger tires such as cyclocross and gravel bikes. If you have a Rival DUB Regular crankset on your bike, you need to order the Regular version power meter and if your Rival DUB crankset is Wide, you must order the Wide version power meter.

In most cases, you can determine which version you have on your bike by your chainrings:

SRAM Rival DUB 1X – Wide
SRAM Rival DUB 2X 43/30 – Wide
SRAM Rival DUB 2X 46/33 – Regular
SRAM Rival DUB 2X 48/35 – Regular

IMPORTANT – If you want to be 100% sure which version you have and leave nothing to chance, you would need to pull the cranks off of your bike and view the writing on the spindle. If you have the Regular version, you will see the words “DUB” printed on the spindle. If you have the Wide version, you should see the words “WIDE” printed on the spindle.

Josh Matthew


  1. TR

    Am I right that the current SRAM RIVAL AXS POWER METER CRANK ARM should be compatible with my older SRAM Stylo 6K Eagle DUB? It seems like the only issue would be the looks (and frankly that’s not even that much). Seems that with both as DUB standard the spindle size and interface should be the same.

    1. Dave Harris

      Hi and thanks for the question,

      Unfortunately, the Rival Power Meter Crank Arm is not compatible with SRAM’s MTB crankset offerings. Although they have the same flower interface, the road/gravel crankset options have a different Q factor and are not designed for MTB use.


  2. Idan

    Can I install on Sram Rival wide X1, 40T X-Sync a SRAM Quarq AXS Powermeter Spider Road | BCD 107 mm without to change my front chainring?
    Idan Parker

    1. Dave Harris

      Hi Idan and thanks for the question. The SRAM AXS Power Meter Spider is only recommended for the SRAM Force AXS or Red AXS carbon cranksets. It then requires a 107 BCD chainring.


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