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Do cycling power meters measure speed and cadence in addition to power?

The goal is to mount the least number of sensors to your bike as possible while still collecting key data such as power, speed and cadence. Therefore, customers often ask us if a power meter will also measure speed and cadence? Let’s break this down…



Yes, in addition to power, most power meters measure your cadence (we note the one exception below). Power meters do this by using an accelerometer. An accelerometer is a tiny electronic device that is housed inside the power meter. It’s purpose is to measure your cadence and your power meter sends this data, along with your power, to your bike comptuer. Therefore, there is no need to have a separate cadence sensor on your bike. Your power meter will take care of power and cadence.

The one exception to this is the PowerPod Power Meter. Unlike direct force power meters which are located in your drivetrain and measure your direct pedaling forces, the PowerPod is a handlebar-mounted device that works a bit differently. The PowerPod does require that you have a separate cadence sensor on your bike.



No, power meters are not designed to measure your speed. However, in most cases, you don’t need a separate speed sensor on your bike either. This is because your bicycle computer, which is used to collect and store your data as you ride, automatically measures speed (in addition to a host of other metrics), using its built-in GPS functionality.

To be clear, we do sell speed sensors. However, most customers only use these is areas where a GPS signal is limited and they want to make sure they collect speed data.

Josh Matthew

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