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Can I use the SRAM RED/Force AXS 107 BCD Power Meter Spider with my Rival DUB crankset?

So the answer depends on what SRAM Rival crankset you have. Let’s go through the options…

Scenario #1 – Rival 2x 48/35 or 46/33 cranks

SRAM Rival Crankset

With this crankset, unfortunately you cannot install the SRAM AXS 107 BCD Power Meter Spider. This is because this Rival crankset has 1-piece drive side crank arm and spider. On this type of crankset, you can’t physically install a power meter spider as the spider portion of the crankset interferes with the power meter spider. Therefore, what you would need to do is change your Rival cranks for Force cranks. We would also recommend purchasing Force chainrings to be used with the power meter spider. All of this (power meter spider, Force cranks and Force chainrings) can be purchased right on our SRAM AXS 107 BCD Power Meter Spider page.


Scenario #2 – Rival 2x 43/30 Wide cranks

As with the cranks above, you can’t install a power meter spider on these cranks, so you need to go with Force cranks. However, with wide cranks, things get a bit trickier. To begin with, you need to buy Force Wide cranks. As you can see on that page, SRAM only sells the Force Wide cranks as a complete crankset with 1x chainring. You won’t need that 1x chainring with the power meter, but again, it’s the only way those Force Wide cranks are sold.

In addition, please note that you would have to move from 43/30 chainrings which use a 94 BCD to 46/33 Force chainrings which use a 107 BCD and fit the power meter spider. We have more information on this here.


Scenario #3 – Rival 1x Wide cranks

SRAM Rival 1x Wide Crankset

This crankset use a direct mount configuration, so you could bolt the power meter directly to these cranks. However, please note you would have to replace your 1x direct mount chainring with the SRAM AXS X-SYNC 107 BCD 1x Chainring which would fit the power meter.

Ok, a lot going on here. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Josh Matthew

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