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Can I use regular shoes with power meter pedals?

There are two types of road cycling pedals: Platform and Clipless (please see the image below). A platform pedal allows for the use of a flat soled shoe, whereas the clipless design requires road cycling shoes and cleats that clip into the pedal. Platform pedals certainly provide a high level of convenience as you can just jump on your bike and go, however clipless pedals allow for increased control and power.

Platform vs. Clipless Pedal Comparison

All road power meter pedals feature the clipless design. However, we understand some customers want to be able to use their power meter pedal with regular, flat soled shoes. The good news is there are some pedal conversion products available that will allow you to convert your power meter pedal into a platform pedal, while retaining the power meter functionality.


Exhauster Flat Pedal and PP Flat Pedal Converter


While we don’t current offer these pedal conversion kits on our site, they are available through Amazon and other online retailers.

Josh Matthew

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