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ROTOR 110×4 Round Aero Chainrings for Shimano

Josh Matthew May 31, 2023


ROTOR 110×4 aero round rings for Shimano 12-speed cranksets!


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ROTOR 110×4 Round Aero Chainrings for Shimano

The all-new ROTOR 110×4 Round Aero Chainrings for Shimano give you the benefits of stiff chainrings in a neat, clean-shifting, aerodynamic package. Finished with a gloss black powder coat, the rings are machine CNC’d from aeronautic-grade 7055 aluminum.

The ROTOR Round Aero Chainrings for Shimano are compatible with 110×4 road cranksets, including Shimano 12-speed 8100 and 9200. They also fit ROTOR modular cranks and power meters when used with the ROTOR 110×4 Spider. For peak aerodynamics and aesthetics, we recommend using these rings with the ROTOR Aero Crown.


Important Notes:

1. ROTOR Road Chainring Bolts are required for use with Shimano cranksets.
2. The ROTOR 110×4 Spider is required for use with the ROTOR 2INpower and INpower DM power meter or the ALDHU and VEGAST crankset. It is not required for use with Shimano and other 110×4 cranksets.


  • Crankset: Without ALDHU Spider: Compatible with most 110x4 cranks including both 11- and 12-speed Shimano road cranksets
  • Crankset: With ALDHU Spider: Compatible with ROTOR’s 2INpower and INpower DM power meters as well as ALDHU and VEGAST cranksets
  • Chain: Compatible with 9-, 10-, 11-speed groupsets. Also works with 12-speed Shimano and 13-speed ROTOR groupsets
  • Not compatible with SRAM AXS 12-speed groups
  • Does not fit 4iiii, Stages and Shimano dual-sided power meter cranksets


  • Color: Black anodized
  • BCD: 110x4 asymmetric
  • 100% CNC-machined, 7075 aluminum alloy
  • OCP Mount technology: Fine adjustment for OCP positions (when used with ALDHU Spider)

Common Questions and Answers

Question: What is the difference between this ROTOR 110×4 chainring and the ROTOR Direct Mount chainrings?

  • The ROTOR 110×4 Chainrings are traditional 2-piece rings and are compatible with both ROTOR cranksets as well as other (Shimano) 110x4 cranks. The ROTOR Direct Mount Rings on the other hand are a one-piece chainring design that saves weight while simultaneously increasing rigidity. However, they are only compatible with ROTOR’s 2INpower and INpower DM power meters as well as ROTOR ALDHU and VEGAST cranksets. Please see here for more detailed information.

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