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absoluteBLACK Premium Oval Sub-Compact Chainrings for Shimano

Niel Ubod March 5, 2023
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Sub-compact chainrings that will allow you to ride anywhere and climb anything!

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absoluteBLACK Premium Oval Sub-Compact Chainrings for Shimano

The absoluteBLACK Premium Oval Sub-Compact Chainrings for Shimano are specifically designed for DURA-ACE 9100, Ultegra R8000 and 105 R7000 cranksets. These sub-compact rings (48/32T or 46/30T) will improve your climbing and cadence and will allow you to ride anywhere and climb anything!


Advantages to aB Road Oval Chainrings

  • One of a kind special oval shape that helps you climb easier and faster
  • 15%+ stiffer than ROTOR Q-rings
  • Bespoke 6-point ramp and recess shifting design shifts better than any other brand and model of oval chainring
  • Smoother pedaling action
  • Reduced stress on knees and helping your legs remain fresher for longer
  • You will be able to maintain better cadence while climbing


  • Crankset: These chainrings are compatible with Shimano DURA-ACE 9100, 9000, Ultegra R8000, 6800 and 105 R7000, 5800 cranksets.
  • Chain: These chainrings are 10- and 11-speed compatible.
  • IMPORTANT - Due to a special 2.5 mm offset construction:
    30T can only work with 46T
    32T can only work with 48T


  • Color: Black
  • Ovality: 30T - 9% | 32T - 8% | 46T, 48T - 10-11.2%
  • Timing of 108 - 110.5° after TDC (top dead center)
  • CNC machined 7075 aluminum
  • Weight: 30T - 27 grams | 32T - 30 grams | 46T - 99 grams | 48T - 110 grams

Chainring Bolts

These chainrings require special bolts due to the unique construction of the chainrings and the bolts are included with the rings.

1 review for absoluteBLACK Premium Oval Sub-Compact Chainrings for Shimano
  1. Kuan

    Very premium look. And the feel is awesome. I absolutely love them.

    Personally I feel they make the pedal stroke rounder and smoother. And the 48 teeth has made a big difference to the roads I ride from my 52 chainring. Hold a higher cadence at higher speeds really helps to keep that momentum up rolling terrain or lower gradients at speed.

    Next is taking on steeper climbs and there are plenty of climbs with short 16-20% sections coming up. Looking forward to seeing an overall higher cadence with the 32 inner chainring.

    Also the changeover between the two has less jumps, so I have smoother transition too. Basically giving me a good range of ratios but plenty of middle gears to choose from too, am further helping me to maintain the cadence.

    Still learning my favourite combinations and just doing by feel for now. But once I get electronic gears and am able to see which gears I am in on the head unit, should be able to save even more energy.

    • Power Meter City

      Wow! Good job on your training! Thanks for this awesome review on your absoluteBLACK Premium Oval Sub-Compact Chainrings for Shimano (Our very first one!) We hope you will continue to enjoy them and please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with!

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