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power2max NGeco ROTOR p2m Edition Road Power Meter Crankset

Power Meter City June 21, 2022
4.80 out of 5 based on 10 customer ratings
(10 customer reviews)


A more budget friendly version of the best-selling ROTOR ALDHU crank!

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power2max NGeco ROTOR p2m Edition Road Power Meter Crankset

The NGeco is the newest model in the power2max line-up. With features such as dual leg power measurement, ANT+/Bluetooth SMART compatibility and left/right power balance, the power2max NGeco ROTOR p2m Edition Road Power Meter Crankset comes fully-loaded. The NGeco is accurate to +/- 2.0% in all environmental conditions and is easy to use with features such as auto-zero and accelerometer-based cadence measurement. In fact, there is no other power meter that provides dual-leg power measurement plus these other features at this price point!


For Shimano Users

This power meter can serve as a direct replacement for Shimano road cranksets. It comes with the same 24MM spindle size as your current Shimano crankset so it will fit your bottom bracket without any changes. In addition, if you select the 110 4-Bolt Shimano BCD option, you can also use your current Shimano chainrings on it. This makes replacing your Shimano crankset very simple and easy.


ROTOR p2m Edition vs. ROTOR ALDHU 24 MM

Both cranks are a direct replacement for your Shimano crankset and use a 24 mm spindle. They can also be installed with requiring any special tools. The ROTOR power2max Edition is just a slightly more budget friendly version of the ROTOR ALDHU crank.



BCD: This power meter is available in either a 110, 130 or 110 4-Bolt Shimano BCD in order to fit your choice of chainring sizes.

Crank Arm: You can get this crankset in the following crank arm lengths: 165 mm | 170 mm | 172.5 mm | 175 mm

Please note – this power meter ships with a Black decal. Please let us know if you would like us to include a different color instead (Red, Blue, White, Green).


Professional Assembly (Optional)

We are happy to professionally assemble your power meter crankset if you select this option when ordering. This ensures your crankset is correctly built and saves you time. Professional assembly includes:

  • Mount the power meter to the cranks and tighten to factory specifications
  • Apply multi-purpose bicycle grease where necessary
  • Install chainrings on the power meter (if chainrings are ordered)
  • Apply power2max decal

Please note – while we tighten everything to factory specs, it is still your responsibility to routinely check your power meter crankset to make sure all bolts and nuts remain securely fastened.


Tools Needed for Installation

You will need the following tools for installation of this product. You can purchase many of these commonly used tools in our store.

  • 10 mm Allen key


Chainrings: The power fits 110 BCD 5-bolt, 130 BCD 5-bolt or 110 BCD 4-bolt (Shimano) chainrings based on the version ordered. In many cases, you can use your existing chainrings assuming they use the same configuration as the power meter you order.

Please note, the 110 BCD 4-Bolt (Shimano) version is compatible with all Shimano 4-bolt chainrings, including Ultegra 8100 and DURA-ACE 9200 chainrings.

What is BCD?: BCD (bolt circle diameter) is simply the diameter of a circle that passes through the centers of the bolt holes in your chainring. The BCD is usually stamped right on the chainring as either 110 or 130. It is important to know what BCD your crankset is because assuming you want to use your existing chainrings on your new power meter, you need to order the correct BCD.

Image of a chainring explaining the concept of BCD

Bottom Bracket: This power meter uses a 24 mm Shimano road spindle and must be used with a 24 mm Shimano bottom bracket.

Tip - If you already have a Shimano crankset on your bike, then this power meter will fit your bottom bracket perfectly as all Shimano cranksets use a 24 mm spindle.

power2max NGeco ROTOR p2m Edition Road Crankset Specs

NameNGeco ROTOR p2m Edition
Bike TypeRoad
Location of Power MeasurementSpider
Left or Both Legs MeasuredBoth
Independent Left/Right MeasurementYes - Power Balance (available via upgrade)*
InstallationMore involved (60 min. estimated)
Crank Arm MaterialAluminum
Communication ProtocolANT+ and Bluetooth SMART
Claimed Accuracy+/- 2.0%
Active Temperature CompensationNo (however features Auto Zero)
Weight693/704/693 grams (110/130/110 4-Bolt)
Battery TypeCR2450
Battery Life300-400 hours
Method of Cadence MeasurementAccelerometer
BCD110 5-bolt, 130 5-bolt or 110 4-bolt asymmetric
Spindle Size24 mm
Q Factor147 mm
Warranty2 years

*Power Balance Upgrade

The power2max NGeco measures power from both legs right out of the box. However, with power balance, you are able to see how much power each leg is generating individually. If this information is important to you, you can choose to upgrade the power meter at any time. (Please note, you can also purchase the NG version of the power2max which comes with this feature unlocked, along with a rechargeable battery and a longer 5-year warranty.)

You can upgrade your NGeco using the power2max app once you receive the power meter. The cost to upgrade is 50 euros.

In the Box

  • power2max power meter crankset
  • ROTOR power2max Edition crank arms
  • CR2450 battery
  • User's manual
10 reviews for power2max NGeco ROTOR p2m Edition Road Power Meter Crankset
  1. Tim Fox (verified owner)

    Great company quick shipping simple to install 15 minutes after I received it I was riding it awesome tool

    • Power Meter City

      Nice to hear that, Tim! We hope you will continue to enjoy your new crankset! We are here if there is anything else we can help you with! Ride safe!

  2. Christopher Bibbs (verified owner)

    Arrived faster than expected and looking great. After watching a YouTube video, it took under 15 minutes to install.

    Jumped on the trainer and verified it measured power identically to my trainer when indoors. Couldn’t be happier with my choice.

    • Power Meter City

      That’s great news! Thank you for this kind review, Christopher. We hope you will continue to enjoy your new crankset and please let us know if there is anything else we can do!

  3. H.Y (verified owner)

    This power meter is the first choice for users with Shimano cranks.
    This Rotor comes with a 24mm spindle. Compatible with Shimano bottom brackets, changing cranks is a breeze.

    The combination of Rotor’s cranks and P2M is very sturdy. No worries in normal use.

    I am replacing my Pioneer power meter and the power readings seem to be a few dozen watts lower than the Pioneer. (This may be my unique situation).

    The one purchased from Power Meter City came with a black sticker; you can purchase stickers in different colors to match the color of your bike from Power Meter City accessories.

    • Power Meter City

      Thank you, H.Y – we really appreciate it. Your crankset looks amazing! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do! Ride safe!

  4. stanislav (verified owner)

    Great power meter but had some pretty severe connectivity problems with both Zwift and even Power2Max’s own app intially where connection would just die 30s on the bike. Had to dismount the bike, pop battery on and out and literally sit nezt to powermeter with my phone for connection to take (very bad). Did firmware upgrade and issue largely (9 times out of 10 connection takes quickly and stays on whole workout now) went away just a shame Product would be shipped to customer with such garbage firmware at all.

    • Power Meter City

      Hi Stanislav. Thanks for the review and glad you like the power meter. We run p2ms on many of our own bikes here and they are wonderful units. It’s strange about the firmware issue. The firmware that shipped on your power meter is the same version that thousands of other customers are currently using without issue, but I’m glad you got it resolved by updating the unit. I hope you continue to enjoy it!

  5. Ken (verified owner)

    This is my second NGECO. Shipment was pretty quick and installation on my Trek Emonda with a T47 BB was straightforward. Power meter is consistent and reliable across a wide range of cadences and can easily handle 1900+W, unlike other power meters which I have broken.

    • Power Meter City

      Thank you for this kind review, Ken. We hope you will continue to enjoy your new power2max NGeco ROTOR p2m Edition Road Power Meter Crankset. If there is anything else we can do, please let us know! Ride safe!

  6. dhdinh07 (verified owner)

    This is my first power meter and it serves its purpose. The RPM and power data is very useful for training. Already, I can tell that my indoor trainer workouts are going to be much more productive this winter. I can’t speak to its accuracy since I have no comparison, but I have no reason to doubt it.

    The UI of the accompanying Power2max NG app is a bit disappointing. It looks like an amateur developer made it. But I don’t think I’ll be using the app very often so it’s not a big deal.

    I appreciated the affordability of this model and its compatibility with my Shimano R8000 crankset and BB. However, the installation on my Canyon Endurace was painful. I’m not sure if the spindle was on the larger end of spec or if my BB was on the smaller end of its spec, but I couldn’t get the spindle to fit without hammering it in with a metal hammer and wood block. It definitely did not go as smoothly as the installation videos showed for this power meter. That’s the only reason I’m taking off one star. Otherwise, it serves its purpose for a great price!

    • Power Meter City

      Welcome to power! Thank you for this great review on your new power2max NGeco ROTOR p2m Edition Road Power Meter Crankset. We hope you will enjoy them. If there is anything else we can do to help, please let us know! Good luck on your future rides and ride safe!

  7. Carlos (verified owner)

    Great deal price product quick respond fast shiping

    • Power Meter City

      Hi Carlos. Thank you! We are here if there is anything else we can do!

  8. Steve (verified owner)

    Works great! Fast delivery to Singapore. Highly recommended.

    • Power Meter City

      Hi Steve, thank you! Let us know if there is anything else we can do!

  9. Dan (verified owner)

    From initial contact to delivery and install these guys were awesome. Product works flawlessly and adds exceeded value to my training.

    • Power Meter City

      Hi Dan. Thanks for this – we really appreciate it. Let us know if there is anything else we can do!

  10. O.C.P. (verified owner)

    Josh was helpful by confirming my selection before purchase and Power Meter City shipped out the power2max NGeco PM quickly. The install went smoothly on my CAAD10 and after 300+ miles the NGeco has met my expectations.

    • Power Meter City

      Hi! We are happy it worked perfectly as expected – hope you continue to enjoy them. We appreciate your business here with us and please let us know if there is anything else we can do!

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