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Garmin Vector 2


Garmin Vector 2 power meter: dual-sided power combined with cutting edge technology

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About the Garmin Vector 2

Meet Garmin’s latest pedal-based power meter, the Vector 2. The Garmin Vector 2 is a dual-sided power meter with power sensors in both pedals. This means power meter independently measures power from each leg, allowing it to measure total power as well left/right power balance. The Vector 2 also provides access to Garmin’s advanced cycling dynamics data.


What’s Different with the Vector 2

Garmin is currently on the second generation of the pedal. The only difference between the original Vector and the Vector 2 is in some changes that were made to the pedal pods – there were no changes to the pedals themselves. The pedal pods house the batteries as well as serve as the communications device.  All data is transmitted between pedal pods and is ultimately sent to your bike computer or head unit using the ANT+ wireless protocol.

On the Vector 2, the pedal pods are now plastic (previously they were metal), they weigh a few grams more (we’re talking a minute difference) and they now attach using a small hex wrench which makes them easier to install and move between bikes. A small status light was also added to the top of the pods. The light blinks green indicating things like whether the unit is on, when installation angles have been set or when pairing was successful. Being able to visually communicate with the power meter is a welcome addition.

Why the Garmin Vector 2

True Left/Right Power Data

The Garmin Vector 2 locates a power meter on on each pedal, giving it the ability to measure true left and right power. While some power meters provide an estimated left/right power figure, only a few can provide independent left/right data.

Easy Installation

If you can install a normal set of pedals, you can install the Vectors. Just use the supplied crow foot adapter instead of an Allen wrench and you’re set. No torque wrench necessary.


In test after test the Vectors have demonstrated the accuracy that you would expect from a company like Garmin. The Vectors will be accurate and reliable in any environmental condition, with a margin of error of less than 2%.

Cycling Dynamics

The dual-sided Vector 2 provides access to Garmin’s suite of advanced cycling dynamics data. Included in this data are things like power phase, peak power phase, platform center offset, as well as automatic recording of whether you are seated or standing.


Sometimes your pedals take a pounding…but that’s ok with the Garmin Vectors. These pedals were designed to take everything you can throw at them and come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty for piece of mind.

Shimano Pedal Option

While the Garmin Vectors come with a set of LOOK Keo style cleats, the Vector can be modified to fit Shimano pedals. You can purchase a new DIY Vector Shimano Cartridge Kit that will allow the Vector 2 and 2S hardware to be swapped into a Shimano PD-6800 pedal body.


Garmin Vector 2 Options

The Garmin Vector is available in two options: the Vector 2 which is a dual-sided model or the Vector 2S which is a single-sided model.

In addition, you have the choice of standard or large pedal pods. The standard pedal pods fit crank arms 12 to 15 mm thick and 44 mm wide. The large pedal pods fit crank arms 15 to 18 mm thick and up to 44 mm wide.



The Garmin Vectors come with a set of LOOK Keo style cleats which must be used with the power meter. We note that all other pedal-based power meter offerings also use this same cleat style. If you prefer to use Shimano pedals, you can purchase a Vector Shimano Cartridge Kit for $129.99 that will allow the Vector 2 and 2S hardware to be swapped into a Shimano PD-6800 pedal body.


In the Box

  • Vector 2 pedals
  • 2 pedal pods
  • Cleats and hardware
  • Crowfoot installation tool
  • USB ANT+ Stick
  • Manuals



NameGarmin Vector 2
Power Meter TypePedal
Type: GaugeStrain
Number of strain gauges8 (each pedal)
Weight179 grams (each pedal)
Stack Height10.5 mm
Battery Type2032
Battery Life175 hours
Rider Weight Limit200 lbs.
Individual L/R Power BalanceYes
Communication ProtocolANT+
Claimed Accuracy+/- 2%
Spindle Length53 mm


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